From the New World (prototype of A Hero's Fate)

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From the New World (prototype of A Hero's Fate)

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==Important Notice==
As of v0.1.5, we have decided to discontinue development of FtNW and move to the official version, A Hero's Fate (AHF). Newcomers are encouraged to play AHF instead.
Hello, everyone! This is the development thread for the campaign From the New World.
This campaign is about the world after the Great Fall.

This campaign is still incomplete. Please give me your feedback.

Important Notice

We have decided to define FtNW as a development test version of the campaign we are currently working on, A Hero's Fate (undisclosed) The plan is to test the concept, story and program at FtNW and then add it to AHF.
(Particularly) Feedback wanted!
About English text
I am Japanese and most of the English texts in the game are created by machine translation (DEEPL). If you find any errors or unnatural descriptions in the English text, I would appreciate it if you could repot them here.

About the story
The story is still rough. If you have any good ideas or suggested modifications for the story, please do so here (any minor points are welcome!).
Thanks for your time :)
Trivia corner: "Kame" means turtle in Japanese. I chose this name because I like turtles and ramen.
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