Wesnoth IRC channels now on Libera.Chat

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Wesnoth IRC channels now on Libera.Chat

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Hi there!

While over the past few years Wesnoth’s Discord population has grown substantially, we made a decision early on to keep using the freenode IRC network as an integral part of our larger communications platform, allowing people on both chat services to talk to each other through our Discord/IRC bridge. Developers and Wesnoth.org staff in particular have continued to make use of IRC for their work on a daily basis. It is no exaggeration to say that those of us who have been around long enough came to regard freenode as a second home.

However, all of this changed when freenode suffered a horrible accident a few days ago.

In the interest of continuing to foster our IRC communications going forward, we have moved all official #wesnoth* channels to Libera.Chat, a new IRC network project started by a number of former freenode staff members with the support of the broader FOSS community. We would like to thank Libera.Chat staff for their assistance throughout the migration process.

If you are new to IRC or to Wesnoth’s IRC channels, you can find more information for joining at our wiki. Those of you already using IRC should update your client configuration accordingly and — if you haven’t already done so — register your nickname with Libera.Chat’s NickServ to avoid any future issues with spam prevention measures.

We look forward to seeing you in our new IRC home!

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