Is it possible to remove effects from Objects using [remove_object]?

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Is it possible to remove effects from Objects using [remove_object]?

Post by pipapopinguin »

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    name=side turn
I want to remove the object, with the id "objectone", that gives the unit "oneability"(its the id for the ability), by just starting an event at side turn. The wikipage says I should not use [filter] with [remove_object], so I assume that I just have to wrirte "ability=oneability". Maybe I am just filtering wrong, but this code just wont work. How can I fix it?
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Re: Is it possible to remove effects from Objects using [remove_object]?

Post by WhiteWolf »

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This code looks good to me, unless I too am missing something, it should work like this.
[remove_object] indeed takes no [filter] tag, so this event should remove the objectone object from every unit that has the oneability at the time when the event fires.

If it doesn't work, can you go into a bit more detail of what you're doing? Show how and when you apply the object in the first place, as maybe something is wrong with that?
May also be easier if you attach your entire scenario and utils where these happen.
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Re: Is it possible to remove effects from Objects using [remove_object]?

Post by IIIO_METAL »

The syntax is correct, so maybe the value is wrong?
Or is it possible that object_id is not set?
By the way, these two are my recent mistakes. :lol:
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