Wesnoth Life Era

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Wesnoth Life Era

Post by igorbat99 »

WL era.

We collected 1.15 changes for default + new dunefolks + some new changes.

dunefolks are in (wl era + dunefolks)

So changelog for wl era:

HI line now has 0% cold resist.
Horseman costs 24g

Elvish Captain,Elvish Hero,Elvish Ranger
Woses line has 0% cold resist
Merman Hunter has 33 hp - so 39hp in the best case
Shaman has 4-2 range attack.

Orcish Warrior,Troll,Troll Rocklobber WL,Orcish Crossbowman
Troll Rocklobber has 51 HP instead of 49.

Dwarvish Steelclad WL,Dwarvish Thunderguard WL,Dwarvish Stalwart WL,Rogue
Dwarvish Steelclad WL has 57 hp.
Dwarvish Thunderer WL has 35 hp instead of 34hp.
Dwarvish Thunderguard WL has 47hp instead of 44hp.
Thief WL has 25 hp instead of 24 hp.
Poacher WL has 33 hp instead of 32 hp.
Dwarvish Stalwart WL has 8-3 instead of 7-3.

Dark Sorcerer,Revenant,Bone Shooter WL
Ghost costs 19g
Bone Shooter WL has 42 hp instead of 40hp.
Banebow has 55 hp instead of 50hp.

Drake Flare WL,Fire Drake WL,Drake Arbiter,Drake Thrasher
Burners line has -40% cold resist instead of -50%.
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Re: Wesnoth Life Era

Post by dwarftough »

So after some testing version 1.0.0 is out!

Additional changes:
Added + 1 move, + 3 HP buff for Merman Spearman/Javelineer (an advancement path of Rebel's Merman Hunter with spears and without slow)

Also fixed dunefolk resists, moves and defs, now they are as supposed to be (in 0.9.101 they were as of the old dunefolk)

There is also a difference to note between Dunefolk Falconer/Skyhunter in 1.15 and in WL era: in WL era the "diversion" weapon special works always on offense (while in 1.15 it works only on backstabbed enemies)

Thanks everyone who helped us to test the era to make 1.0.0 go!
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Re: Wesnoth Life Era

Post by dwarftough »

Released on 1.16
As the era was based on 1.15 default balance with some minor changes, the only changes are:

* Leaderpool, as described

* Horseman costs 24

* Thief 25 hitpoints instead of 24
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