Age of Tentacles

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Age of Tentacles

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The addon Age of Tentacles exists for a while now. It contains a faction of several fully animated units, including giant centipedes of several kinds, shessinsaans (Large quadrupedal predator reptiles), dragonflies and mosquitoes, both similar to real life Culex Pipiens but much larger and several kinds of mosquitoes, which can shoot poisonous dart.

Please keep in mind, that while this is a faction, it's not balanced against the mainline faction, it seems to be significantly stronger than them.

It is available from official campaign server for 1.14 and earlier stable releases. Originally those units were meant to be used in a single-player campaign, which didn't come out yet. By now, the addon is not actively developed, only ported to newer major releases of Wesnoth, however if you have suggestions at to what you want to be improved, this thread is for you. If you have any questions, or want to report any problems, you are welcome.

While the add-on is only developed for latest stable Wesnoth version, I am pretty sure, it's going to work with 1.12 and 1.10 after reverting changes I had to make (such as renaming Khalifate to Dunefolk).


12.02.2021 Version 0.9.2 is out. The first version which has link to this forum thread. It also has lines small_profile= commented, making the game use bigger transparent portraits everywhere. In the next version I might move portraits from portraits/transparent to just portraits and remove smaller pics with black background completely.
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