The Best Add-On Campaigns

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The Best Add-On Campaigns

Post by Deemajeir »

Apart from this thread, a quick search didn't give me any results on people's favourite add-on campaigns. It'd be nice to hear what campaigns you guys think are the best, what makes them so good and what kind of campaigns you enjoy in general. Is it the story? The mechanics? The creative new rescources? Share your favourites!

I'd start, but honestly I've hardly even gone past mainline campaigns. So this is a way for me to find interesting new campaigns to play!
If lists, discussions or rankings on the topic exists, I'm happy to see the links there. If that happens, sorry for posting a double thread!
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Re: The Best Add-On Campaigns

Post by otzenpunk »

There is this thread: ... 6&p=646561

There are probably more, if you search for "UMC campaigns".

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