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Post by WesAlex »

First: sorry if I am wrong here. I never use this kind of Internet communication. Dont be offended, if I am using it wrong. And tell me, how to do it better please. Thank you.
Second: concerning LOTI. I was surprised about that high quality german text. Its great. Very well. Thank you.
Third: concerning the the section "bannished", "verbannt". I did not get through it. But I would love to. Since it did not work I used the hint, which doesnt worked eather. I am at the easiest level.
- if I am trying to get as much houses as possible, my troops are to late to pass the river to enter the castle.
- if I am running streight on with the fastest units, I might reach the castle. But one or two moves later, all units are killed by the Orcs.
- as soon as the Orcs passed the bridge I fight against them. Maybe I overcome many. But Orcs are crossing all the time the bridge, never ending trail. Since its just one hexagon to cross the bridge the bridge is close for any moving further.
- fighting all the time at the bridge, might be once a successful. But the time, moves is just running out.
- if I would send the king quick to the castI he will have few units. And since few houses are captures few money will be given each move. The outnumbered Orks will kill all.
am not a beginner in that game. But I have no idea in this scenario. The hint is nice. Thank you. All descriptions are nice and a lot of work to do. Thanks so much to the developers. However, I am trying again and again to solve this scenario. But at the bridge its over. The scenario alway got lost at the bridge. Just by calculation: if I kill one ore two Orcs per move: after 35 moves the scenario is lost because of two many orcs.
And again: dont be mad, if I am using this forum wrong, if I am using the wrong plade. I just have no idea, how a forum works.
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Post by Whiskeyjack »

Hey WesAlex,

ich nehme an, eine Antwort auf Deutsch ist dir lieber?

Ich spiele das Scenario normalerweise so, dass ich mit Efraim eine volle Runde Diebe ausbilde - die lasse ich dann alle Dörfer nördlich des Flusses holen (zusammen mit Delly).
Efraim schicke ich so schnell wie möglich nach Süden, damit er vor den Orks über die Brücke kommt (Delly sollte etwa zeitgleich ankommen).
Dann berufe ich nur meine erfahrenen Einheiten ein und rekrutiere ansonsten ausschließlich Schurken, weil die sich mit ihrer hohen Verteidigung gut im Wald schlagen.
Da du schon über die Brücke bist, sollte es tatsächlich nicht allzu schwer sein, die Orks so zu besiegen.
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Post by hermestrismi »

Hi. Loti is really one of best campaign ever seen. For your question, allow me to present how i used to play this scenario. I began by recruit scouts. 4 or 5 to capture villages and i head up since my first turn to the river and the castle behind it with only my leaders. There, i recruted all what i can (ranged units specifically ) and built walls of them while my scout continue to capture all villages before the river. It s how i used to play.
However, things could be easyer if u had at least two andvanded ranged units from the previous scenarios (which need too much work)
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