Keeping units in a Proximity

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Keeping units in a Proximity

Post by linedadelas »

Is there a way to make an AI unit (not the entire sire however, just that one unit or group of units) return to designated area rather than leaving and chasing another side? I know that ai=guardian works on individual units, however once a unit comes within the guardian units attack range, the unit will attack and chase until it is either dead, or mortally wounded and retreats to a village or kills the enemy unit and then roams the map aimlessly. How do I make a unit (or group of units) stay in a designated area without leaving after having the capability to attack another unit and return to its area after the enemy unit leaves its proximity?

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Re: Keeping units in a Proximity

Post by mattsc »

If I understand you correctly, the Zone Guardian Micro AI does what you want. There are also a couple other guardian AIs on that page that provide somewhat different behaviors.

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