[Halfelven] : a UMC faction

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[Halfelven] : a UMC faction

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A UMC faction for Wesnoth

The Halfelven are a unique faction from the south-western parts of the Great Continent (Irdya), beyond the Black River. Among them are paramedics, slingers, spearmen and -women, male and female leaders, phoenix scouting birds, and protective golems. Halfelven units are relatively cheap and rather weak but ready to survive in competitive selection. They generally level up quickly due to their superior intelligence and sophistication. They feature liminal units that coordinate attacks at dawn or dusk around leaders and tactically use terrain fatures to prevail in fights

The history of the Halfelven bridges the Timeline of Wesnoth with Prehistory which has come through ancient legends like A Song of Fire. However, the histroy of the Halfelven has its origins in the eastern parts of the Great Continent Irdya.

In prehistory, when the first civilizations and empires got established and the Great Continent began to be settled by dwarves, elves , humans, and other races, around 20.000 BW, a group split from the Elves to avoid Tithanya's seductive faerie magic. Tithanya from the hidden folk was married to king El-Teleryon, ruler of the Lins-Elens elves, and her descendants - mostly the female ones - had a strong connection to the magical faerie plane. The group that set themselves apart, later came to be known as the Half-Elven or Halfelven.
Eons ago, they split from the Elfs to avoid being tainted by Faerie magic and set themselves apart. Over time, their artists, engineers, and scientists became skillful in arcane production methods. But as a race, they stood somewhat pure and simple. Therefor, halfelven are not enwrought by magic like elfs, faeries, and wose. As a consequence, they do not live as long and are less vulnerable to arcane attacks: elfs have +-0% vulnerability, halfelven have -10% and humans have -20% vulnerability.

Classical Era:

Since classical era, before Wesnoth was even foundet, they settled in the southern region beyond the Black River at the Sleepless Sea.
Today, they mostly live as deep-read merchants, researchers, teachers, artists, navigators, astronomers, writers, in towns, cities and ports.
Until today, there are many legendary epics, songs, pieces of rumor and stories about unions of halfelven and humans and their descendants, but it is not clear if these stories are true. What one can say is that halfelven do not have pointy ears like the elves and tend to be taller and in general prefer sea over forest.

Region of Origin:
In prehistorical times, they originated from the isles and shores of the ocean in the far east and later settled near the coastal Deva Mountains of the Arajunna peninsular. Due to human led wars and famines, they wandered westward along the coastlines to a fertile land between big river streams that became drought-stricken, later. Wandering through savannas and steppes and along the coastline, eventually they settled in the southern region beyond the Black River at the shores of the Restless Sea underneath the Mountains of Peril that has many springs and meadow valleys.
Today, they mostly live as deep-read sea-merchants, ship builders, researchers, teachers, artists, sea-navigators, astronomers, writers, mathematicians, in towns, cities and ports, and throughout all of Wesnoth, too.

Arcane Arts:
The Halfelven traditionally fight with arcane-hardened light-bronze weaponry and armour, for iron is regarded as inferior. Among the Elves, they are renowned for their arcane metal arts and are considered the best weapon smiths, for elfs suffer if they get in contact with iron.

In Wesnoth, today, halfelven are best known for their Golems, robot-like guardians animated by programming code on parchment placed inside their construction. They are sturdy but tend to wear out over time.

The Faction:
Lacking pugnacity, they defend towns and settlements and use terrain characteristics for tactical retaliation and hit and run tactics at dawn or dusk. They have the introduced alignment liminal which gives units -25% at night and -25% at day, and +-0% at dusk/dawn.
However, they rely on careful use of villages, healers, leaders and coordinated strikes around (liminal) dusk or dawn.
The slow but mighty golems protect against all night creatures for their alignment is chaotic.
In general, units tend to be costlier than average but level up a bit quicker due to their surpassing intelligence and sophistication (Trait intelligent as 'musthave'). Among them are leaders, paramedics, weapon- and armour-bearers, tame scouting birds, war-chariots, and protective golems.
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Re: [Halfelven] : a UMC faction

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Do you have a map for their territories?
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