Era of Service Branches

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Era of Service Branches

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Greetings everyone!
So I felt the urge for some asymmetric warfare, made an era, and thought I might as well share it. The basic idea is not to have well-balanced factions (although I tried having each being viable), but for each to have a very distinct feel to playing it. So I just took mainline units (mostly loyalists, dunefolk and outlaws, with the occasional mercenary from other factions) and arranged them into infantry, cavalry, skirmishers, shock troops and navy, so you can play, say, skirmishers vs slow but hard-hitting infantry on possibly equally unbalanced maps, similar to campaign gameplay. For more balanced games, consider playing in mirror teams (infantry and cavalry vs infantry and cavalry), with each player taking up a distinct role in the game, requiring lots of coordination. I felt it's best to play it with my "Defined Army" mod enabled, but it works fine without. Have fun, and feel free to leave questions or suggestions!

Key points about the factions:

Faction with relatively slow and mostly melee units of low level. Lieutenant leader and two healers for encouraging tight formations, Dune Soldier for more versatility in weapon specials.

Faction with high-level quick and partially quite hard-hitting units. Wolf rider line for weapon specials and unconventional resistance- and movetype. Horseman for using up those last pieces of gold and relatively cheap counter-cavalry. Gryphon master seemed fitting as well.

Quick units with good movetypes, but of mostly low level. Elvish ranger and fugitive for actual ambushes. Assassin and orcish slayer for poison that is hopefully not cheap enough to discourage other tactics. Saurian augur because he's the quickest mage.

Shock Troops:
Extremely hard-hitting high-level units, some with marksman weapon special. Berserkers because what's a shock tropper if that guy isn't? Dune harrier because having a skirmisher with 10x5 seemed nice for breaking lines. Troll whelp for using up leftover gold. Not sure yet whether I should include some type of mage.

Water based units. Merman Netcaster because I feel they need some early source of impact damage other than mermaid initiates and I think slow special really pushes their viability. Sky drake and falcon for scouting and maybe some fighting on land, water serpent for poison.
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