WWII Battleground Europe version 1.8 release announcement

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What features do you vote into the next version?

Desert/Snow/Mountain infantry
No votes
Add artillery unit that does high radius AOE slowing attack with 1 damage to everything but planes OR that creates an artillery round unit next to it once per turn. The artillery round dies after combat or at end of turn.
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Improve the AI further by adding custom code that only effects AI units and tells them how to move and use their weapons.
Add Japan as a nation
Add the Axis and Allies Pacific 1940 board game starting scenario (same as the europe small scenario currently but with the pacific theatre instead of just Europe 1940)
Add the Axis and Allies original board game starting scenario (same as the europe small scenario currently but with the entire world instead of just Europe 1940)
Add more simulations of historical battles that are accurate down to the unit like the Kursk scenario is.
Add more fictional and balanced small and micro size multiplayer maps made for the mod
No votes
Add more fictional and balanced large multiplayer maps made for the mod
No votes
Add Italy as a nation.
Separate western allies into UK, USA and France and add the related units.
Add a German single player campaign that either follows an SS division through the war, or follows Michael Wittmann
No votes
Add an American single player campaign that follows a historical unit with an interesting history
No votes
Add an American single player campaign based on the movie series band of brothers
No votes
Add a Russian single player campaign that follows a historical unit with an interesting history
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Total votes: 11

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WWII Battleground Europe version 1.8 release announcement

Post by Kharn »

Second major update for World War 2 Era for Wesnoth!
(Inspired by WWIIOL: Battleground Europe, a FPS MMO with the world's largest online game world and an obsession with realism)

[*] Added 14 naval units to the game as 1/500th scale representations of the original ships.
[*] Added paratroopers to the game. Cost is 1/28th of C47 plus cost of the 4 man infantry unit contained within. Jump is activated by combat.
[*] Added return to base: Units on the starting keep are destroyed and refunded for 75% of the value.
[*] Overhauled all unit sounds in the game. Every unit has appropriate sounds for their weapons and deaths.
[*] Overhauled AI, it is drastically better, especially at obtaining villages early game. 4 AIs are included: Tiny Map, Army, Army+Navy, and Navy.

[*] Includes 120+ unique units most with custom "AI friendly" wml and animations from Germany, Western Allies and Russia. The most historically produced tanks, aircraft, and naval units were selected to be a part of the mod. Every non-naval unit can level to veteran, and most can level to elite or more.
[*] The historic production cost of every unit was researched and converted to 1942 dollars. Every 1 gold in game is 160 dollars from 1940. This was the hardest part of researching the game was finding records of how many reichsmarks or dollars or man hours something costs to build. This is seriously around 1/3 of the total labor put into the game. It is possible I know more about WWII equipment costs than anyone on the internet has posted so far.
[*] ~45 units are available for recruit by each nation, with several more unlocked via the Tier 2 Factory.
[*] Each nation has a unique recruit-able infantry unit. Western Allies=Commando(invisible combat capable operator), Germany=NCO(combat capable leadership), Soviet Union=Cost zero conscripts(armed civilians that spawn from villages to defend them)
[*] Germany infantry have +25% cost, and -50% exp to level compared to Western Allies
[*] Most Soviet infantry have less training and therefore reduced cost, hp, and damage compared to Western Allies.
[*] An infantryman on screen is a squad. Sloops and Torpedo boats represent 3 ships. All other units represent single units.
[*] Custom code including: Exp from capturing villages, Carpet bombing and mortar of up to 6 hexes, Conscripts spawning out of villages, lowered attack while swimming, aircraft unable to capture villages, Tier 2 factories unlock units after 1942, aircraft can continue to move after attacking, vehicles can skirmish but only past infantry, mortarman can simulate attacking from a distance by gaining moves after an attack, supply trucks can tow ATGs and infantry by starting a turn next to them, and finally an invisible spy unit called the Operator that can actually steal opponent's units and cause havoc behind the front line.
[*] Every variable (hp,mm of penetration , upkeep, etc) is mathematically derived based on researched WWII performance statistics and schematics.
1 turn = 1 Week
xx Cost = Dollars(1942) / 160
xx Upkeep = Dollars(1942) / 160
xx Level = (Cost+Upkeep*10)/40
xx EXP to level = Level*24
xx HP = (mm_of_armour^2)/5
xx AP Damage = mm_of_penetration@750m^2 / 6
xx ground movement = kmph / 5
xx naval movement = kmph / 5
xx aircraft movement = kmph / 19

MAPS: (from quickest playtime to longest)
[*] Europe Micro is the smallest a 2v1 map can be made while still getting to afford most units and experience combined arms combat. This is the recommended first map to try for multiplayer. (45-120 minutes)
[*] Intense River is a custom map where two forward bases attack a town on a river bend. The map is designed to have as short of playtime as possible while still getting intense concentrated battles where most units in the game can be afforded. (1-2 hours)
[*] Sedan is a recreation of the battle of Sedan in the Battleground Europe MMO. Two German forward bases attack a river town where it is difficult to advance in the city. It has starting villages but not starting units. (2-4 hours)
[*] Europe Small is a recreation of the board game Axis and Allies: Europe 1940. Starting units, villages, and coastlines are a scale model of the board game. This is the best way to experience WWII theater strategy against another player. (2-5 hours)
[*] Kursk is a 1/5th scale recreation of the largest tank battle in history. Highly accurate and working from original documentation, it has been created so that every one of the units are in the correct location for the night of the 10th, including Michael Wittmann's elite Tiger on top of hill 241.6 (3-9 hours)
[*] Western Europe huge is a maximum size map designed true to life. Shorelines are accurate to the hex, cities have real population ratios, village density is based on a population density map from 1940. Forests and Hills are based on forestation and topography maps also measured by the hex and placed. Games take 50-120 turns. Includes starting villages but not starting units. This map will give you the most grand European campaign experience, resulting in dozens of tanks and planes clashing together as groups, though it can take many hours to complete. (6-20 hours)

[*] Village gold is 5.
[*] Build supply trucks on the first turn.
[*] Try to end turns with trucks next to infantry and guns to increase their movement.
[*] Get a fighter plane up somewhat early to kill enemy trucks and gain intel on enemy production so it can be cheaply countered.
[*] Build an airfield (find a village good for your aircraft to retreat/rearm/heal at and put a couple AA guns in the area to shoot down enemy fighters that chase)
[*] Riflemen are the most cost efficient infantry and should be about half of your infantry. They are best at advancing the front line between towns
[*] Other units have specialized primary purposes. SMG: village defense, LMG: defense against concentrated riflemen, HMG: chokepoint defense, Mortar: attrition and smoke screens, Sniper: killing difficult to kill units including generals, operators, commandos, and HMGs, ATR: killing light tanks, slowing other tanks, Conscript: emergency village defense
[*] The recommended way to use the clandestine operator is to sneak it just outside enemy keep to watch everything that is produced. If something worth hundreds of gold is produced, steal it using the commandeer attack
[*] A production facility costs 50 and pays itself off in 10 turns, so they are usually best to build during the first 10 turns. They are not worth building unless you plan to win the game by delay, attrition and heavy defense. They only produce gold if on a village.
[*] Aircraft and tanks usually take and deal double damage from backstab, this is the key to winning combat involving vehicles.
[*] It is important to end your turn with your aircraft somewhat on your side of the front line. Aircraft can move and attack, and move back to an area with friendly aircraft or AA guns.
[*] Aircraft die to ambush often, so manually control aircraft when flying through enemy territory to avoid forests and cities. Generally it is best not to send aircraft very far into enemy lines. Ambush is hard coded to remove movement and cant be prevented by code.
[*] Most bombers have to be full health to have bombs, so keep your bombers at full health, and prevent enemy bombers from reaching full health. This simulates the need to return to an airfield for more bombs.
[*] Fighters work best in pairs of two in order to get flanking benefit.
[*] Use Supply Trucks and Medics to heal infantry
[*] Halftracks, although expensive can heal tanks and give the largest possible movement boost to towed guns and infantry. They are the safest and most useful near the keep.
[*] Build a few ATGs early and hide them behind your lines. They will come in useful late game if an enemy tank breaks through your front line.

1.5-->1.8 CHANGELOG
[*] Rebalanced the Kursk scenario by changing almost all veteran units to standard.
[*] Rebalanced Veteran and Elite tanks by removing first strike and instead cutting in half chance to be hit.
[*] Increased infantry health by 50% to increase survivability and the need for medics and supply trucks.
[*] Increased experience to level for factory leader to 2000
[*] Increased level of factory leader from 1 to 4
[*] Decreased HP of Veteran and Elite Soviet units. Soviet units start at half health and half cost as part of a national bonus, however, jumping to double defense and double health upon leveling was too much. The amount of HP gained during leveling was cut in half.
[*] Decreased HP of factory leader from 4000 to 3000
[*] Decreased regeneration of factory leader from 120 to 20
[*] Decreased T2 Factory income from 40 to 20
[*] Added the new naval units at their starting locations to the Europe Small Axis and Allies scenario.
[*] Added the new railway terrain to the Kursk map
[*] Added play time estimates to all scenario descriptions
[*] Added 40mm AA Elite to the game
[*] Added Jamming 4 to fighters to simulate the loss of intel into enemy territory without air superiority, and to simulate enemy fighters being harder to spot or locate.
[*] Fixed Factory T2 experience to level from 30 to 1000 to match T1 factory and prevent full healing.
[*] Fixed supply truck description now explains it heals and boosts movement.
[*] Fixed Petlyakov_PE2 movement from half to correct.
[*] Fixed displayed name of Yak_1 to be Yak-1
[*] Fixed multiple issues by removing the ability to choose a general as a leader to resolve difficult conflicts of event code built into leaders to accomplish most custom scripting.
[*] Fixed tier 2 factories not unlocking units when leader is general.
[*] Fixed tier 2 factories not removing their extra recruits from recruitment choices when they die, now killing someones tier 2 factory will result in loss of their Tier 2 production ability.
[*] Fixed some heavy bombers not destroying unfriendly villages when moving onto them.
[*] Fixed bomber vision from 10 to 5
[*] Fixed some nations not getting movement bonus from halftracks and cargo ships.
[*] Fixed bunkers either not losing health or losing too much health as their penalty for moving.
[*] Fixed naval units not being slowed by entering port (castle or village)
[*] Fixed typo in Kursk description
[*] Fixed labels not showing up on Kursk and Europe Small campaign scenario
[*] Fixed gameplay ruining behavior of attacking with powerful factory leader across map by returning the leader to keep at start of every turn.
[*] Fixed spitfire assigned to wrong side in France for the Europe Small scenario

Credit due to Ruglud for the graphics in Westfront, many of which were used outright or graphically modified to become needed units. Also the the developer of Modern Combat from which a few unit sprites were also used or modified.

If you want to do multiplayer, ill be available for it whenever I can.
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Creator of WWII Battleground Europe mod with 120+ units most with custom wml and animations. Every variable is mathematically derived based on WWII stats such as historical cost & mm armour.
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