[Southerners] : a new multi player (MP) era

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[Southerners] : a new multi player (MP) era

Post by chol »

A new era (UMC) for Wesnoth 1.14


Era description: This unique (multiplayer) era consists of the six default factions plus four alternative factions:
  • Halfelven Aramada
    Halfelven Vanguards
    Halfelven Guardians and
    Dunefolk Sharifs
Halfelven: Among the Halfelven are paramedics, weapon- and armour-bearers, shieldmaidens, tame scouting birds (phoenixes), war-chariots, and protective golems. Halfelven units are defensive and costly but level up quicker due to their surpassing intelligence and sophistication. Their homeland is in south-western parts of the Great Continent (Irdya), beyond the Black River.

Sharifs: Among the Sharifs are the bomber-engineers, martial arts assassins, apothecaries, and cataphracts. It is a unique stand alone faction and a variant of the Dunefolk faction. Their homeland is in south-easter parts of the Great Continent (Irdya) in the Sandy Wastes and the Ashland Deserts, beyond the Estmark Hills and the Bitter Swamps.

Note: This era can easily be intergated in custom scenarios, campaigns or multiplayer adventures. It has a very easy format; try it!
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Re: [Southerners] : a new multi player (MP) era

Post by Zaestryon »

Hi, I'm really in fond of your maidens. Beautiful animations for awesome units. I hope you will continue your great job. Have fun !
The Era of Zaestryon
I'm an old Wesnoth player, I've worked a lot on unfinished and unpublished add-ons.
So, I'm only making an Era this time and will publish it for those who want another way to play Wesnoth.
With new abilities and weapon specials and everyone able to reach lvl 5 but animals lvl 3.
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