[Southerners] : a new multi player (MP) era

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[Southerners] : a new multi player (MP) era

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A new era (UMC) for Wesnoth 1.14


Era description: This unique (multiplayer) era consists of the six default factions plus four alternative factions:
  • Halfelven Aramada
    Halfelven Vanguards
    Halfelven Guardians and
    Dunefolk Sharifs
Halfelven: Among the Halfelven are paramedics, weapon- and armour-bearers, shieldmaidens, tame scouting birds (phoenixes), war-chariots, and protective golems. Halfelven units are defensive and costly but level up quicker due to their surpassing intelligence and sophistication. Their homeland is in south-western parts of the Great Continent (Irdya), beyond the Black River.

Sharifs: Among the Sharifs are the bomber-engineers, martial arts assassins, apothecaries, and cataphracts. It is a unique stand alone faction and a variant of the Dunefolk faction. Their homeland is in south-easter parts of the Great Continent (Irdya) in the Sandy Wastes and the Ashland Deserts, beyond the Estmark Hills and the Bitter Swamps.

Note: This era can easily be intergated in custom scenarios, campaigns or multiplayer adventures. It has a very easy format; try it!

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