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Where to ask?

Post by LienRag » October 13th, 2018, 11:15 pm

I've read the "sticky" threads of Scenario&Campaign Development subforum but didn't find where one is supposed to ask questions about scenario and campaign development in general (like when the wiki leaves holes in its explanations and how-to's)?

My first problem right now is about relative and absolute paths; when to use which?
I tried to copy HTTT to the add-on folder I created per the Wiki's instructions, but BfW can't find my scenarios when I change the paths in the main.cfg (and of course if I don't change it it looks in the campaign folder, not the add-on one).

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Re: Where to ask?

Post by Pentarctagon » October 14th, 2018, 12:31 am

Moved to WML Workshop, since this would relate to the scripting of the scenario(s)/campaign.
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Re: Where to ask?

Post by Heindal » October 14th, 2018, 10:14 am

It took me a while to find this out. Reading through the wiki, source code of other campaigns.
So this might be helpful for you:

After defining your campaign, you will have to add the paths to your campaign. These are always relative paths, as add-ons are saved in different locations, based on your settings while installing or your operating system.

E.g. in windows this can be C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\my games\Wesnoth1.14\data\add-ons



when C:\games\wesnoth is the path where you have installed the game.
When installing the game via Steam, the add-ons will always be saved in the C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents, which is nasty.

So after [/campaign] you need to define the paths like this:

#ifdef CAMPAIGN_YourCampaignName




As you see, each new folder you want to use in your campaign has to defined.
To define units is not enough. However you don't have to define the "images".

If you want to use images only used in your campaign, just add an images folder and refer to your images.
The images folder hasn't to be referred here.
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Re: Where to ask?

Post by beetlenaut » October 15th, 2018, 5:52 am

LienRag wrote:
October 13th, 2018, 11:15 pm
BfW can't find my scenarios
I'm not sure this is a problem with relative vs. absolute paths. If there is an error in the campaign, BfW will refuse to load it, and the game will report that the scenarios can't be found. That might be the actual problem. Maybe you have a typo in your _main.cfg file. If you post it, and there is an error, someone will spot it pretty fast.

To see if you really have a path problem, you could download any add-on on the server and take a look at the structure--where they used "~add-ons" and where they used "data/add-ons/Campaign_Folder"
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