Invisible Enemies (SP mod)

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Invisible Enemies (SP mod)

Post by josteph »

I've uploaded a new SP mod called Invisible Enemies:
Can you beat SP campaigns on Nightmare without even trying hard? Think the AI is so predictable you could defeat it with your eyes closed? Now’s your chance!

This mod makes all AI units invisible — like Elvish Rangers in forest and Nightgaunts at nighttime, but now it’s all units, all the time. Your allies and your own units receive no such boon. Will you prevail against the unseen danger?

Wesnoth 1.14 required, 1.14.5+ recommended.
Here is an example replay to get a taste of things. You can see that on turn 3 I deduced the location of a Wolf Rider who had just stolen a village.. but I did not see his friends.

edit: GitHub link:
AOI-Defend the Forest replay.gz
(11.88 KiB) Downloaded 335 times
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Re: Invisible Enemies (SP mod)

Post by Pentarctagon »

Moved to Scenario & Campaign Development.
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