Raginature - MP Survival Map

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Raginature - MP Survival Map

Post by Zatiranyk »

Hey people!

I created this post for feedbacks & stuff. I'll be happy to discuss with you about my map "Raginature", its problems etc... but i accept positive comments too :D !
So here is some informations about it:

Raginature - multiplayer survival map

Try to survive against the most dangerous monsters of Wesnoth!
There are 3 game modes: Duel, Coop and Solo.
Duel: You have to survive longer than your opponent,
Coop: You have to survive with your ally until the end of the waves,
Solo: You have to survive alone, but the monsters are twice fewer.

For now on, you have to choose the Normal difficulty, but
Hard and Insane may come later (if i have the time ^^).

Now here is the famous "list of questions" i have to ask you ^^ so let's move on (i may edit this list if some are solved or outdated):

First of all:

1) Is there any spelling mistakes? xD
Since i'm a french guy, i may commit some terrible mistakes ^^

2) Is this map balanced ? Do the monsters are too strong? Does the terrain is fair enough for every factions of the default era?
I already had to fix some major balance issues

More general questions:

3) Is this map fun? Why? (ok maybe too general ^^)

4) Does the this map looks nice? Why?

That's all! Thanks for reading and see you !
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Re: Raginature - MP Survival Map

Post by Atreides »

Hi, just tried this under 1.16. I like it, reminds me of Afterlife but different.

I did find a little bug, the eagles are missing attack/defend sprites. I only got to turn 17 though so there might be more.

As for the questionnaire:
1) No spelling mistakes I saw.
2) The map is interesting. Quite open in the middle where you can meet the monsters ahead of the forts. It is wide meaning that it is hard to get enough units to hold the line. But that was my 1st try. I should buy many cheap units to try and form a line first I think. The monsters start out weak but gain strength very quickly. I was taken by surprise at how quickly it turned. Again on a second try I'd be more careful. Sorry no comment on the default faction, I used a custom era as usual.
3) Fun yeah, although I've found the most fun maps are the ones with choke points and important hexes that need to be taken/held. Here there weren't really any that I saw.
4) It could use more embellishments. Somehow it gave a visual impression of brownness. More splashes of colour would be nice.

Oh and I wonder about the "solo" mode. It still offered room for two players. I set player 2 to none but I wonder if I had set it to a computer player. I should try the others also.

p.s. the name Raginature is very good. Really sticks in your mind. I ought to look it up. It's rare I see a word I don't know, guess that's why it intrigues me.


Tried it a few more times in duel mode vs comp. Also different eras.

It is too hard for sure. The waves are coming every 2nd turn! The quicker ones in the following wave overtake the slow ones in the first wave. You don't deal with waves but a mob of many waves all at once. It can be compensated for with extra gold/income of course. But I think slower waves also gives a better match.

Oh and I think there's a typo in the team name for East it's Est.

BTW the elite units as well as the customized monsters are interesting. The bonus for killing them is good too although I wonder if they're not too hard hitting. I was seeing 14 & 20 dam in 1 hit which is quite a lot for level 1's.
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