Raginature - MP Survival Map

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Raginature - MP Survival Map

Post by Zatiranyk »

Hey people!

I created this post for feedbacks & stuff. I'll be happy to discuss with you about my map "Raginature", its problems etc... but i accept positive comments too :D !
So here is some informations about it:

Raginature - multiplayer survival map

Try to survive against the most dangerous monsters of Wesnoth!
There are 3 game modes: Duel, Coop and Solo.
Duel: You have to survive longer than your opponent,
Coop: You have to survive with your ally until the end of the waves,
Solo: You have to survive alone, but the monsters are twice fewer.

For now on, you have to choose the Normal difficulty, but
Hard and Insane may come later (if i have the time ^^).

Now here is the famous "list of questions" i have to ask you ^^ so let's move on (i may edit this list if some are solved or outdated):

First of all:

1) Is there any spelling mistakes? xD
Since i'm a french guy, i may commit some terrible mistakes ^^

2) Is this map balanced ? Do the monsters are too strong? Does the terrain is fair enough for every factions of the default era?
I already had to fix some major balance issues

More general questions:

3) Is this map fun? Why? (ok maybe too general ^^)

4) Does the this map looks nice? Why?

That's all! Thanks for reading and see you !
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