Kali Linux issue

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Kali Linux issue

Post by Miyokari »

Hello, I have issue with running Wesnoth on my Kali Linux, once I install it, I get the issue "There was an error launching this application" and I cannot figure out what is the exact issue, if I understand correctly Kali is built on Debian so there shouldn't be much of an issue running Wesnoth, I think? I would appreciate all help

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Re: Kali Linux issue

Post by Pentarctagon »

Please include the information mentioned here.
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Re: Kali Linux issue

Post by Tad_Carlucci »

The first error I see is completely ignoring the good advice of the Kali maintainers and using Kali as your daily Linux system.

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So, my first suggestion would be to purchase a thumb drive, put Kali on that, and run something more reasonable.
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