Uber Default Era

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Uber Default Era

Post by Eagle_11 » September 1st, 2016, 8:57 pm

Opening this thread so i can link to in it's description.
Features of this UMC

- This addon has rightclick based ranged attacks.
- there are multiple different attack ranges.
- units cant see as far as they go.
- there are new and modified default factions.
- different factions have different flags with same flag icon for each variant.
- healing and regeneration has been slightly reduced overall the board.
- and many more.

Hierarchy of ranges, goes as:
Melee > Short ranged > Ranged > Long ranged > Major spells

Long ranged and Ranged can attack from 2-hex distance, as shown at the picture.
Short ranged functions same as mainline's ranged, able to attack only adjacent.
Major spells are rare and not every unit has it. An example could be Darkelf Warlock's Implosion attack. Its projected that every lvl4 'caster' gets option to pick one.
As an fist rule thrown weapons, breath and gaze attacks have remaint short ranged. This also affects crossbows, weak magical attacks etc.

Most units cannot perform true ranged strikes select few units have capability to attack at distance.
The faction that has most ranged attackers is sylvan rebels.

How can you help:

You can simply play one of the eras and say how things went for you.
You can propose unit ideas for the incomplete factions: Carapacians, the Haramiyen.
You can write some TODO descriptions. Inspecially welcomed for the Nomads.
You can help me via pointing out or fixing some broken wml ability or specs.
You can give unit, spell, mechanic, trait, ability, weapon-spec ideas.
You can give feedback about anything about this era in here.
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Re: Uber Default Era

Post by Eagle_11 » September 9th, 2016, 10:49 am

edit old: anyways, here the results of my boredom:
steamwheel-racing-car.png (2.71 KiB) Viewed 2017 times
steamwheel.png (2.94 KiB) Viewed 2017 times
thunderwheel.png (4.11 KiB) Viewed 2017 times
warwheel.png (4.95 KiB) Viewed 2017 times
edit newest: you can use this thread for reporting any kinds of bug, error, or otherwise inconvenience with 'Uber Default' addon.

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Re: Uber Default Era

Post by Eagle_11 » January 18th, 2018, 8:27 pm

Preparing an lite(has only the 8 default factions) version of this era to 1.13.10, the ranged attacks component does not function correctly in 1.13.x as its always dealing 1 damage instead the passed amount(was functioning as intended in 1.12.x). :augh: what may have possibly changed between 1.12 and 1.13 that have broken it ?

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Re: Uber Default Era

Post by Eagle_11 » February 3rd, 2018, 9:54 pm

The 'Uber Defaut Lite' v 0.0.2 is in the 1.13 addons as of day.
I have just released an 'Guard Towers' mod into 1.12, it allows you to put an weak tower unit on a village of your side.

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Re: Uber Default Era

Post by IPS » February 11th, 2018, 5:24 pm

Hi, I was viewing superficially some aspect of the era and the concept has real potential, but the problem is that within the many unit additions there is no consistency at balance at all.

First of all, I don't get at all why most loyalist units are -50% unholy resistant... if humans are known to not be weak vs holy attacks. Apart that units like soldier are just 6-2 for a lv1 ... which could be 8-2 if you add him some few physical resistances (blade/impact mostly).

My recomendations for the diferent ranges would be like this:
- Mele (already)
- Short (we all get it's ranged once viewing it's a ranged weapon)
- Ranged (mid ranged, which is compatible to default's ranged)
- Long (obvious)

Also, an additional suggestion would be this:
a) Determinate a dominant range for your units. There are 3 ranged distances, but most units have the same damage in 2 or 3 of all them which doesn't seem coherent or realistic at all. An example would be making Longbowman be full 10-3 damage at long but having something like 7-3 at short range but +first strike and and maybe 8-3 at ranged but +first strike as well. They're meant to be long ranged but to be less effective at shorter ranges as balancing. This way, the very powerful 10-3 which will not take retaliations most of the time will deal less damage when defending vs units at ranged - short.

Examples of this point:
- Elvish Hero having complete damage at short distance but having 4-3 for ranged and not being capable to use this offensively.
- Crossbowman probably being 9-3 at ranged, 7-3 at short but +first strike and 6-3 at long +defense only.

b) Improve massively the balance of the new units: Most of the new units are notably underpowered / overpowered depending the case... it's a way more enjoyable an add-on with better balance but without so many specials. Balance makes the game feel fair and if well guided to even feel realistic. Use default's standards for now, determine their optimal range and the ranges they have access to.

c) Do not mess with extreme values of resistanes / weakness: Wesnoth uses resistances values, BUT in a point that it doesn't end into a simple siccor/paper/rock game... positioning is an important aspect of the game and extreme resistance/weaknesses does completely ruin this very important aspect of the game.

d) Do not make core units weaker than their counterparts in default era: in the very few I noticed about this, I noticed cases like the duelist being nerfed unfairly in a point that he cannot use the ranged offensively (just in defense) and with even lower damage... please no, some people like their default units and as they notice they're weaker in your era than in default people will find less friendly using the era.

I can help you at balancing, but there are too many cases and a very different kind of balance which I'm not completely used to. So this would take time and observations. The idea has great potential but is not using it at all.
Creator of: Deathmatch new in 1.12 server.
Developer of: Empires in 1.12 server.

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Re: Uber Default Era

Post by Eagle_11 » February 11th, 2018, 8:36 pm

Ah, praise your comment, that is most welcome. Finally someone gave a damn, it means lot to me, thanks.

Worthy of keeping in mind that im in the process of reworking it entirely, the rework is known as Uber Default - Lite on the 1.13 addon-server. The factions have returned to traditional recruit lists, no longer needing to pick your recruits.

There, the ranges have already been simplified into:
ranged (intended to be used for right-click attack)
at the rework. The plan is to make having enemy adjacent prevent unit from using right-click based ranged attack entirely.

The -50% weakness to unholy came into being when i have divine and shadow got split-off the arcane damage type, if its way too much can put it back to mainline weakness vs. arcane value.
The purpose of those two damage types are to be an slightly better arcane damage, that is situational use(divine to be used vs chaotical and shadow vs lawful creatures). In the rework have added one more damage type: energy aka lightning. As its name implies its used only on lightning involved attacks and is the rarest of the three elemental damage types.

At improving balance massively i could use your help, if you(or anybody else reading this for that matter) are interested to help me out, simply can pick one faction in rework and play it in multiplayer versus human opponent. Because i pretty much have like 0 data on how the new units are performing, looking only on what AI does with them. Rather require some input on what a human does with them.

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