Time problem

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Time problem

Post by Yomar »

Ok, I did some research before posting, and read the manual, but for no avail, so here is my question.

The fact that time goes down with the passing of turns is a bug that no one ever cared solving or is it a meant feature ?

I and other players had trouble with this, I know, I can just switch off time, but I don't want never ending games, or crazy slow adversaries, just a timer that remains the same for the whole match.
It happens especially in long games, just some days ago I was watching a game where a player was complaining that he had a lot of units and that he don't had even the time to move them all. (so planing a strategy was for sure impossible).

Another day, I observed a game where the players where both complaining that the time ruined the game, cause it gone down from like 20 to just 1 minute, then supposedly it begins to go up.

So what's the issue here ?
Its a programming mistake or some game mechanism that players don't understand completely.
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Re: Time problem

Post by pe_em »

I often play on the multiplayer server and have never noticed such problem. Note there are four settings of timer and if there is too little turn or action bonus, the time may be decreasing. Are you sure that timer was set correctly?

Besides, we can also examine the behaviour of timer with many different settings, and check if the bonuses are given as want the players.
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