Heroic Era (Wesnoth 1.12.x)

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Heroic Era (Wesnoth 1.12.x)

Post by Warlord »

Hello there :)!

This is my little corner for any of your questions and suggestions 'bout my add-on.

At this moment, Heroic Era is in it's 0.2.2 Alpha version.
I'm not truly certain what the numbers mean :P But in brief, the add-on contains some basic changes in default and it's going to be a faction-pack with all the graphics and stuff.

What do we have here for now?
*Some little changes in default factions like new units, some stats changed
*Ideas for a few fresh factions
*A new faction itself: Nomad

Now it is time for some short descriptions for Nomand & the future planned factions:
As U can see, Nomad are a neutral, expensive, desert-oriented faction with some greater pros & cons, the art is inspired by some eastern style.
I am planning to add some or each of the following factions:
Dark Forest- a set of gruesom and dark creatures, partly inspired by a slavian folklor
Technomancers- powerful mages specialized in animating mechanic things to live by their lifes, i.e. walking armor
Savages (or Primitive)- wild, brutal orcish tribes which practice cannibalism and man-eating (same thing I think :D)
Guardians- don't know yet, some kind of elves? Or more unique race?

13.05.15: A new version appears: Heroic Era 0.2.3 Alpha. It changes movement type code for Nomad so now they have more "normal" movements comparing to the mainline.
PS: Ravana, sorry for that. For the first time I didn't noticed it in the guideline.

Any suggestions & questions well seen.
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Re: Heroic Era (Wesnoth 1.12.x)

Post by Ravana »

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Re: Heroic Era (Wesnoth 1.12.x)

Post by Warlord »

Alright, from now on I've changed a few things. First, the Nomad faction is listed in your downloaded add-ons as a faction, not an era. Second, I've started from the beggining with editing the whole game; in this moment you can see changes only in Knalgan units (stats and things first, then the graphics), but of course in the end I am going to change all factions and units and then 'will do the graphics part ;) Third, now I am basing on the core game folders, so I've deleted all the mainline graphics folders. Now my add-on is much more thinner so propably it won't be downloaded so eagerly now :P
20.05.'15: The actual version for wesnoth 1.12 is 0.3.0 Alpha.

25.05.'15: The actual version for wesnoth 1.12 is 0.4.0 Alpha.
The major change is the edit of Loyalists faction- now Kingdom. Most of the units are changed, new art will be added after the rework of all the mainline factions, as it was said.
0.4.1 Alpha:
-repaired Sanctuar and Master Sanctuar animations;
-repaired Sanctuar and Wyvern Slayer invisible attack icons
0.4.2 Alpha:
-Squire cost reduced to 9;
-enlightened/avatar/patron health rised to 23/30/42;
-elightened/avatar/patron cold resistance rised to 10%
0.4.3 Alpha:
-the second dwarven movement type (dwarvishfoot2): arcane resistance lowered to 10%, fire and cold resistance rised to 30%;
-repaired Preasidar/Master Preasidar resistances;
-squire's alignment set to lawful;
-elightened/avatar/patron number of traits lowered to 1 (which is the elemental trait);
-praesidar/master praesidar castle defense rised to 70%;
-praesidar/master praesida damage lowered to 15/20;
Enjoy & w8 4 more!

17.06.'15: The actual version for wesnoth 1.12 is 0.5.0 Alpha.
Yes, I'm still in it and trying to focus crowd's attention ;)
-All drakes gain chaotic alignment;
-Normal fire breath changed to hellfire, burners gain hellfire + inferno;
-Glide's line gain skirmisher;
-Clasher's line gain regeneration, also lost some damage and partly first-strike ;
-Saurian skirmisher's line actually lost skirmisher :P ;
-Skirmisher's line gain backstab, lost one attack chance ;
-Augur's line gain less but more powerfull magic attacks with drain; also lost cures ability, but one branch still can heal;
-The most important: arcane attack type was removed and replaced by holy, and also a brand new: chaos attack type;
-According to this shift, all the movement types were changed; in brief, good/lawful factions are more immune to holy and less to chaos, bad/chaotic factions are less imune to holy and more to chaos damage;
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