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Capture the Flag mod

Post by optimother »

Hi guys.

I've come up with an idea to try out a capture the flag in Wesnoth. You can check the add-on in 1.11.15+(1.12 betas). What I have a trouble with — it's the maps :) I've created couple of maps, but they don't seem to have the depth to be interesting enough to play.

You can recruit only on the first turn. After that gold is treated as score points only.
Killed units get respawned same level with full health, but lose all their gathered expirience. Currently they respawn at the keep, but I want to make them respawning at owned villages once I'd be in the mood for writing couple hundred lines of WML for that.
For every kill of level 1 unit you get 1 point, lvl 2 - 2 etc. 4 for Ancient Lich, wow! :)
To pick up the flag unit has to make a stop on it (and then can continue movement), not just run by. Bringing enemy flag to your base with your own flag on it gives you 100 points immediately.
Game ends when any side has 170+ points.

The current score displayed (with a little lag) is displayed on vulcanos in ctf#1 and in the south mountains in ctf#2.

Multiplayer only, if anyone has an idea for single player or AI, or anythting else - I'll be glad to hear it.

There are still some unhandled rare conditions, like respawning on the flag, but overall it's playable.
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Re: Capture the Flag mod

Post by Ilrandar »

Like your game, but I saw a few problems.

First you should edit the objectives, because I still see that I have to kill the ennemi's leader.
Maybe a message should appear when the ennemi capture our flag (or when we get the ennemi flag).
Our leader should remain of lvl1.
We shouldn't lose all our xp, but maybe keep a little amount of it (10%, that kind of thing), so there's still a chance to make our units level up.

And that's quite it. ^^
I will say if I see any other problem.

If you change all this, that could become a very good game.

I can (try to) create some maps for more than two players if you want me to.
And translate your game into french.
I can also learn WML and help you coding.

Just tell me !
Ready to translate any add-on to french. Just ask and I'll tell you if I've got time. ^^
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Re: Capture the Flag mod

Post by optimother »

If you have the interest to continue the idea — feel free to do it, I can send you password for publishing the add-on, because I don't quite have enough time to maintain it.
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