Changing a team's color?

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Changing a team's color?

Post by RaustBD »

Is there a way to change a team's color in a campaign without changing their side? I want the enemy to be the red team and the heroes to be either blue or black (2 or 6?), but I don't want the enemy to go before the player due to side order issues.
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Re: Changing a team's color?

Post by beetlenaut »

Use color= in the [side] tag.
From the wiki: "color: May be either a numeric color index or a color name (e.g. 'blue', 'purple', 'orange', etc.). The numeric form is deprecated. The default list of numbers and corresponding colors can be found in data/core/team_colors.cfg."
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Re: Changing a team's color?

Post by WhiteWolf »

If you use 1.10.x, then you can modify colors only at the beginning of a scenario: only use a new one. F.e, in map9, team 1's color was red, and you want to change it to green, then map10's code should look like:

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This will change the color of the side.
But, you cannot modify color on the spot, during a game.

If you use 1.11.x, you can always use [modify_side] to modify a side's color at any moment you wish.

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