Pseudo campaigns on the Add-Ons server

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Re: Pseudo campaigns on the Add-Ons server

Post by Dugi »

Version numbering might not be explanatory enough. Usually, bellow 1.0 it is not complete, after 1.0 it is complete but might not be finished etc. Also, sometimes complete or finished things might become incomplete. I have written my campaign, considered it complete like 2 years ago, called it version 1.0.0, it was balanced quite well, I fixed a few errors then, but later I decided that the story might continue and that the way units progress might be changed to be more interesting, so after adding some parts and some extra game mechanics I called it version 2.0.0 and started working on it again, that generally worsened the balance, but made it more interesting to play overall. Now, more than one year after 2.0.0, I am close to finish 2.5.0 and the campaign is still not complete. I plan to name the complete version 3.0.0, finished version 3.1.0. As far as I know, A New Order came through a massive overhaul after being finished as well 2-3 year ago.

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Re: Pseudo campaigns on the Add-Ons server

Post by Crow_T »

This can already be done with version numbering.
Version numbering is completely arbitrary though, having a simple set standard would be ideal IMO.

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