Legend of the invincibles part 1 - bug

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Legend of the invincibles part 1 - bug

Post by Thomas88 »

I am looking for help for an error/bug for the campaign:

Legend of the invincibles, Part one: ascension

My system is windows xp, my version bfw is 1.8.5 (german)

The szenario with the problem is : The battle for Ogira, first round, after finishing my recall and then going further, the error occuring is:

"perhaps invalid wml"

condition "enemy_info" failed at src\ai\default\ai.cpp:1348 in function "get_combat_score_vs".

After this message I cannot play further.

Could you help me?

thanks, Thomas (Germany, Wuppertal)

P.S.: an upload does not work, perhaps because I don´t know how to make it right...
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