Invasion from the Unknown (1.14.4) for Wesnoth 1.6 ONLY

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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.14.4) for Wesnoth 1.6 ONLY

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Thank you for the great campaign. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :D

I ran into some problems in the "Broken Heart" scenario. Just before turn 9, when Ledinor turns into the monster, Ledinor got killed by an enemy. The dialogues appeared, as did the text "enemy leader visible" and the scenario objectives changed too. However, there was no new enemy leader to kill (nor his two companions). The only way I got out of this situation was by reloading an earlier turn and keeping Ledinor alive until the beginning of turn nine. I suppose either I should have been defeated when Ledinor got killed at the end of turn 8, or Ledinor, now dead, should have turned into the enemy leader as if he were still alive.

I was playing Invasion from the Unknown 1.14.4 in Wesnoth 1.6.5 on Debian Testing.
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