Character music?

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Character music?

Post by [PA] NotUncleDave »

I was thinking- there's a need for mood music, that seems to be the consensus, but what about themes for major characters?

They needn't be epics like... well, all the music currently in mainline, just short passages that characterize the personality of the... er, character. Plus, it'd give less experienced composers (like, well, me) a chance to contribute without having to embark on an epic journey of attempting to learn how to orchestrate something fully... I'm still getting flashbacks.

I did a short one for one of my favorites, Burin the Lost, attempting to reflect his "i don't really know what's going on, but i like hitting stuff" attitude. In my head, these kinds of thing could be used for cutscenes starring the character, their introductions, and flavor conversations during less intense missions (actually, that's an idea in itself- the characters in Wesnoth tend to be under-developed because of lack of interaction between them, so if there were seemingly random conversations between them during missions or after secondary objectives, that could add a lot of depth and crucially likeability to otherwise one-dimensional figures. Loyal characters definitely should be developed as individuals...)

Aaaand I'm rambling again. Anyway, my image of Burin the Lost (it's a short-ish loop)

Click here to listen!
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Post by jeremy2 »

Don't know if it could really be used in the game, but I thought the song was most amusing indeed. I could totally see where you were going with it. A+ on the idea, to say the least.
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Post by torangan »

Technically the idea is obviously possible. You'll just have to find campaign authors willing to write the WML / text and I guess providing them with music is a very good motivation. :D
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