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First contribution

Post by dkaufman »

I'm a full time television and film composer and sound designer.
I stumbled onto Wesnoth not too long ago, and I've really been enjoying the game.
I thought I'd contribute an orchestral/choral piece. I composed it before reading through this forum to see what all was needed (sorry), so I'm afraid it's a bit short. But if anyone has a use for it, please go for it. If you do use it, I'd love to be notified so I can check it out. My e-mail is dpkaufman (at)
I look forward to contributing more in the future - if you have any suggestions, fire away.
Here's the link:

Doug Kaufman
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Post by vonHalenbach »

I belive you, after hearing your piece of music. This is really quality music in a classical style. You have the ability to make good music for Battle of Wesnoth. I like to hear more from you.

For more information about whats needed to make a fitting soundtrack for BfW you should talk directly with Aleksy or Timothy P. They are our main music developers. It can be, that they need some days to answer you. I hope that it is no problem for you. Welcome!
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Post by Sapient »

sounds very nice. thanks for contributing. This would be a good track to play when the good guys are rallying to battle with a confident attitude and ready for a comeback. "Looks like your skills saved us again. Uh, well at least, they saved Soarin's apple pie."
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Post by Jetrel »

What vonHalenbach said - that piece is amazing; I really like what the vocal bits do to contrast the deeper work from the percussion et al.
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Post by torangan »

I agree with the others. Please try to get the attention of our music devs and work with them to get some nice new music into Wesnoth!
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Post by dkaufman »

I'll try to contact Aleksy or Timothy to see what's most needed.
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Post by Temuchin Khan »

So far, I like what I hear, especially the choir. It reminds me of "Breaking the Chains," the piece most recently added to mainline. Anyway, I think it has potential, but it would be nice if it were longer.

One idea would be to make what's already been done the main theme and add some variations.
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Post by Rain »

Just listened to the piece. I like the orchestrations a lot. As mentioned, the choir works very well.

The melodic material seems a bit static and forgettable but I imagine this would work extremely well in context, during a battle because of its presence. I would say to get a bit more varied with the attention to instrumentation and build upon the theme a bit to give more textural consideration to the buildup.

Cool! :)
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Post by jeremy2 »

Cool. Sounds good. My only suggestion at the moment: make it longer :). It would be really cool to hear more interplay between the mystical choir part at the end and the more driving orchestration near the beginning if you made it longer.
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Post by Iris »

Yeah, could be longer. A very nice piece, perfect for user-made campaigns in its current length. I didn't expect something so good when I was about to play it.
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Post by Weeksy »

Perhaps get a little bass (both drum and upright) sounds in on the action?
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Post by turin »

VERY cool. It is, like you said, a bit short, but it's certainly good enough to be expanded and made into a usable piece. Heck, it might be useful to have this in-game as is for shorter campaigns... not all piece need to be 6 minutes long, IIRC.
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Post by Airk »

I have no musical talent, but I know what I like, and this is mighty fine stuff. I look forward to hearing more of your work in the game!
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Post by Aleksi »

I think it needs to be longer, but i think it fits well with the game.
I wouldn't be against adding it.

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Post by esr »

I agree with most of the comments here; this is a wonderful piece, very much in the spirit of the BfW library. Could be longer, could use a bit more base for a fuller sound, but -- way cool! You definitely have what it takes to compose for Wesnoth.

If you have a new version I'd like to hear it. Torangan made me aware that things are a bit stalled on the music forums; if Timothy and Aleksi remain too busy to tag and commit stuff I'll get on it.
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