Scenario Review: (UTBS) 4. Descending into Darkness

Feedback for the mainline campaign Under the Burning Suns.

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Re: Scenario Review: (UTBS) 4. Descending into Darkness

Post by LordWolfDan » January 9th, 2019, 10:28 pm

1) What version and difficulty level did you play the scenario on? Please do not submit feedback from pre 1.4.

- 1.14.5, Normal

2) Do you think the difficulty is adequate to the level? If not describe the issue that made the scenario to easy/hard.

- I think this could be a relief scenario, unless you scatter your troops around

3) Was there any event that caused you to almost instantly loose, or made the scenario unplayable without reload?

- Zhul got killed by an orc before the cave :/

4) Do you like the storyline and the dialogues? If not what part/character lags behind or what would you like changed?

- Interesting. The idea of going under mountains really builds up the mystery. The cloaked figure is a really curious character. That gold keeping goblin is sure a fun comic relief to start with. Plus what is with that creature "dawarf"???

5) Do you think the scenario was fun? Please write down some thoughts about gameplay, mood etc.

- It was, showing some new monsters and giving new items

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