Scenario Review: (UTBS) 9. Blood is Thicker than Water

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Re: Scenario Review: (UTBS) 9. Blood is Thicker than Water

Post by UnwiseOwl » April 6th, 2017, 11:39 am

1) Version? 1.13.7, Challenging (new elves)

2) Adequately difficult? Yes, I think so. Probably a shade easier than the surrounding levels in terms of enemies, but the timing of the first half means you can't really make it harder without extending the time to save the mermen.

3) Reloads? On the first attempt I couldn't save the enchantress.

4) Dialog? Who the heck is Tanstafaal, again? Maybe the player should be reminded. I for one have no idea.
When Eloh's rebels rejoin you, it would be nice if their villages became yours too.
When you kill all enemies, that probably ought to end the level as well.
The merpeople talking about their master when Melusand appears to be female is a bit odd. Either they should talk about a mistress or Melusand should be a male.

5) Fun? It might a little nicer if to fords out to Eloh's island were a little shorter, as it's a long and boring process to get all your troops over there just to get them back again. Apart from that, this is a nice little tactical battle.
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Re: Scenario Review: (UTBS) 9. Blood is Thicker than Water

Post by Thrash » March 24th, 2018, 7:11 pm

1) What version and difficulty level did you play the scenario on? Please do not submit feedback from pre 1.4.

1.12.6, Challenging (medium)

2) Do you think the difficulty is adequate to the level? If not describe the issue that made the scenario to easy/hard.

The challenging aspects were saving the Enchantress in the first phase and then the heavy-hitting necromancers in the third phase. Otherwise not too hard.

3) Was there any event that caused you to almost instantly loose, or made the scenario unplayable without reload?


4) Do you like the storyline and the dialogues? If not what part/character lags behind or what would you like changed?


5) Do you think the scenario was fun? Please write down some thoughts about gameplay, mood etc.

Another scenario with a number of nice twists. Good in general, I few things I noticed:

In the first phase, if you kill all the leaders before turn 16 and before you save all the mermen, nothing happens which is odd. Just a simple "hurry, we still need to save the mermen" dialog would seem appropriate.

I don't see how saving the Enchantress is reasonable without knowledge where she is hidden. Going in there with just one merman is iffy with the two undead so you really need to have a couple to reliably save her which seems unlikely without intent (one time I played, they undead and the rng managed to kill a single merman). Even knowing, I had to replay a few times to manage it. Maybe a hint from one of the other merman when you save them?

"By turn 16" could be more clear - I interpreted as by the end of turn 16 not the beginning as that is more typical for other Wesnoth scenarios.

They elves mostly rushed south (to grab villages? kill Kaleh?) and let my main army stroll in from the west.
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