Map Editor: Objects (Can't be Deleted)

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Map Editor: Objects (Can't be Deleted)

Post by 0r04 »

I looked everywhere and saw an old post with 0 replies or comments from 2020 on steam forums related to this topic. It's either one or the other: The UI is so counter-intuitive related to the deletion of objects or it's super hidden and obfuscated and never been discussed anywhere and I spent tens of minutes looking for any clues in the UI and didn't find anything. I find it hard to believe that the old post on steam has 0 comments, and even harder to believe no one on this forum has ever encountered this issue (as if no one uses the map editor and places an object they later want to remove? :lol:

so.. anyway, I stacked a bunch of items just to experiment thinking deleting them would be easy but I'm unable to find anything anywhere. I appreciate all help and support thanks
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Re: Map Editor: Objects (Can't be Deleted)

Post by octalot »

It's not implemented, at the moment the only way to remove objects is to edit scenario file with a text editor.

The reason you can't find the discussion is that the functionality obviously should be there, no-one argues against that, and so it ends up being a single message with some +1 comments. However, making it more obvious that it isn't implemented might be easier than implementing it - I'm wondering if adding a delete button that just pops up a message would be better than the current UI of the item tool.
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