Art issues for Northern Rebirth Rewritten

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Art issues for Northern Rebirth Rewritten

Post by holypaladin »

Lately I opened my project to rewrite one of mainline campainings named "Northern Rebirth" into more complex and interesting story.
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As the whole campaining is progressing with days I am asking some kind volunteers to help with art issues.

Most needed art for now are sprites for Tallin and Zlex (preferably with animations), if someone would be skillful and kind enough I search also for better portaits for heroes of the story (without removed Elenia, Father Morvin, Sister Thera, Camerin, Ro'Arthian and Ro'Sothian and with added Dulcatulos, Lurb (great troll), Ruuk (troll hero), Ragdush (orcish sovereign), Korrok (ogre), Almaldor (dwarvish thunderguard) and Ronry (fencer) as well as heroes without portaits in oryginal story which role increased (Zlex, Al'Tar).
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