[1.18/1.19] Wesnoth Project Manager election candidates

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[1.18/1.19] Wesnoth Project Manager election candidates

Post by Pentarctagon »

As per Article 12, there must be an election for who will take on the project manager role for the current development cycle, and the requirement to be considered as a candidate for the project manager election is to meet the requirements for being considered an active developer for the previous 18 months. Based on the output of this script, the following people qualify:

Code: Select all

celtic minstrel
charles dang (vultraz)
gunter labes (soliton)
nils kneuper (ivanovic)
severin glöckner (sevu)
steve cotton (octalot)
tahsin jahin khalid (Lord-Knyghtmare)
All developers listed above must send a PM to the Board by April 1127th 00:00 UTC if they are interested in being a candidate in the election. Any developer who does not reply will be assumed to not be interested in being a candidate.

If there is anyone else who believes they or someone else should be eligible to be a candidate, please let us know.

Direct links for sending PMs to the Board members:
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Re: [1.18/1.19] Wesnoth Project Manager election candidates

Post by doofus-01 »

I can openly declare I am not in the running. Best wishes to those who are!
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Re: [1.18/1.19] Wesnoth Project Manager election candidates

Post by Elvish_Hunter »

Since no applications have been sent before the deadline (the one we received arrived too late), the time limit has been extended until April 27th, 00:00 UTC.
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