Wespal: visual team-coloring/recoloring tool [0.4.0]

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Wespal: visual team-coloring/recoloring tool [0.4.0]

Post by Iris »

Version 0.4.0 is out!

Windows (64-bit): Wespal-0.4.0.zip (10 MB)
SHA256 checksum: 323838a0a6646e031c17d08101acb72533b074ee4ae7f643a357cd018c2a1a07

macOS (11+): Wespal-0.4.0.dmg (12.7 MB)
SHA256 checksum: e574e295e17dc35de4cb554d2e430a4736cf3bdda5d8ce97b2c5c78a46600eb6

Source code: wespal-0.4.0.tar.bz2 (1.46 MB)
SHA256 checksum: 76e0c2467bcaf11b1f4fab3fe21b9aa93628b000483dd3def617c2899c3c9924
The most important changes in this release include the rebrand to Wespal (previously known as Wesnoth RCX), the new startup workflow that no longer requires you to immediately open an image file, GIMP XCF support for Windows and macOS, building from source requires Qt 6.4+, and Wespal now has official macOS support. I wrote a lot more about this release on my website.

IMPORTANT: The first time you launch a new version of Wespal you may see a warning like this:
Windows protected your PC

Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting.
“Wespal” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.
For Windows:
  • To add an exception for the app, click on the More Info link, and then click on the newly-revealed Run Anyway button at the bottom.
For macOS:
  • To add an exception for the app, you need to use Finder to browse to the folder where Wespal is installed, and attempt to open it twice using right-click + Open. The second time you do this, there will be an Open button underneath the warning, which you can then click on to allow Wespal to launch.
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Re: Wespal: visual team-coloring/recoloring tool [0.4.0]

Post by Amorphous »

Excited to test this latest version out, thanks for all the work on this Iris! Example sprite up there looks great too!
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