Wesnoth 1.18.0 — Draconic Invasions Update

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Wesnoth 1.18.0 — Draconic Invasions Update

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With more than two and a half years passing since 1.16.0, it's now time for a a new stable release and the new features and fixes that come along with it. The development team is proud to present The Battle for Wesnoth 1.18.0 (Draconic Invasions Update), the first release of a new stable series containing the accumulated fixes and improvements from all the 1.17 releases combined. For an overview of this release, the most visible changes made are described here.

This stable series is not entirely compatible with the previous 1.18 Release Candidate (1.17.26) release, so it's strongly recommended that anyone using 1.17.26 upgrade to 1.18.0. The source code and standalone packages for Windows and macOS are already available on the downloads page, while those using either Steam or itch.io will have been updated automatically. If you prefer to remain on 1.16 for the time being, please see this previous announcement - while it's for the 1.14 to 1.16 upgrade, the same steps apply for remaining on 1.16 instead of upgrading to 1.18.

As always, we appreciate all your feedback and we are ready to read your messages in the forum thread with the full announcement, which also includes a list of bug fixes since 1.18 RC 1.

And while we of course hope there are no game-breaking bugs left in this version, it's certain that players will do things that we developers wouldn't think to try. So should you find any, make sure to report them to us so they can be fixed!
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