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Re: Games discussion

Post by Deki »

Doninions 5
Great strategy game. Very deep and lore rich. Must have.
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Re: Games discussion

Post by RoonieW »

At the moment, besides Battle for Wesnoth I only have Farmville 2 in my pc because the pc is truly already giving up :( ... and farville I haven;t even opened it in like half a year because every time I did it it crashed on me... oh but I hope to have a new pc soon and Ill come back to this thread to get me some good games haha!
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Re: Games discussion

Post by egallager »

Anyone picked up Fire Emblem Engage yet? I played Three Houses, but have been kinda considering skipping Engage, just because I find the character designs kind of offputting, but I'd still be interested to hear from experiences of those that did decide to get it.
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Re: Games discussion

Post by ChrundleTheGreat »

im really enjoying the game stone story rpg rigth now, its a simple rpg where the animation is made with ascii characters, its not action based and at the beginig there is not really a lot of strategy, but im liking it a lot so far, i think its well made, and i thougth i'd share it in here, i think its worth checking out. :)
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