Ageless Era - Current Version: 4.29

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Re: Ageless Era - Current Version: 4.28

Post by IPS »

Well, just going to speak a little about the upcoming project in mid term/long term, but most probable that it will not be for this next release of 4.29.

Ageless Great Wars!
Do anybody remember in very old times of wesnoth, when there was a Great Wars era in default? This allowed players to fight as a side of Light (Loy, Rebels and Knalga) and a side of Darkness (Undead, Drakes & Northeners). Well, while my idea not being exactly this, will be something more similar to how factions works to WotG but in many more numerous factions of less units.

This concept will add an unique gameplay while more diverse in same ageless. Let me explain a bit the only 3 officially existant factions in my head. All of them are variations of Default Undeads.

Players using this Ageless Era variation, will also enjoy of less factions with more recruit options, that in some scenarios can help them. Still, some units/factions will be missing , which can handicap random rols that can have access to have stronger factions, but will be more loyal to defaultish balance and bringing a different experience in Ageless Era gameplay.

Undead - Cult of Dark Arts: This is the most default-life faction of all Undead variations. The only one that will be capable to recruit Dark Adepts and Ghosts.... which WOAH, is a lot to say! , basically Undead as how most knows. Still, will be viewing if there can be added some units of some other eras that can suit this concept, as for me is actually the least diverese of the 3 undead variations.

Main idea, is that one of the 3 variations of each Defaultish , EE variations (like in Chaos) will own the real canonic from an Era while having more variations that has some different recruit options!!

Undead - Cult of Pestilence: This one, does not have access to ghosts or dark adepts, its tricks will consists more in Poison and Plague instead. Will be capable to recruit Lv1 Souless, a variation from MERC's zombies , Host (lv1 zombie unit from MERC's the blight) , a variation of Undead Hounds (With blade melee and charge) , and owning a variation of Default Necrophage that will require less XP to lv3 and that will can of Lv4 to make things more speciy :lol: , and this will be capable to recruit lv0 and lv1 Walking Dead/Souless that can promote to Lv2 (maybe all souless should of lv2 , as EE's addition to Undead is very poor...).

Undead - Cult of Wrath: This one will own the most aggresive gameplay, owning more brave skeletons variations even some from Horned Skeletons, in compesation of now having anymore Dark Adepts and Ghosts (still, not having any cold magical related attacks), they will have more skeletons variations in Lv1, still of being capable to recruit Ghouls and Lv0 souless. Still, perphaps, their Deathblade willl be capable to Lv3 Slitherblade (maybe all EE skeletons should of do this...) and Lv2 Revenant is planned to have an alternative Lv3 evolution that I want to name "Doyle" which in Irish language it means "Dark Visitror" which is planned to be 15-3 blade melee and optional 11-3 fire melee as well of 0% on fire/impact weaknesses but -10% les cold resistant in lv3 than normal skeletons. Lv3 Revenant would be lovely that had a lv4 advancement as well of this new Lv3 Doyle Unit to lv4 tier. While maybe, Draug and Lv4 version will have lower arcane weakness than from default (-40% in lv3 , maybe slightly better physical resseistance) and Lv4 having -35% arcane ressistance and maybe slightly better physical resistances to compensate Doyle having +20% on both fire/impact resistances.

Will of help at working in EE skeletons to make them more glorious, as said, from all EE factions addition Undead always been the most poor of all the additions from this very classic era and I think that default undeads needs a better UD variation after real long to players consider them viable in the actual ageless meta. Altought, sadly, this will be for 4.30 or maybe ... who knows... but I don't want to promise anything.

Also, when new EoMa is more closer to come to Ageless will also mention a resume of ALL the changes that will come to AE - EoMa units to make it much easier for all you!
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Re: Ageless Era - Current Version: 4.28

Post by IPS »

Btw, if someone is interested to port my rebalances from 4.28 (a year ago) to the upcoming 4.30 version , I can be sending my files that the only required stuff needed is being ported to Ageless git-hub, after this, I will be focusing in the concept creation of Ageless Great Wars.

Will of consider staring in the conceptualizacion of many units for an upcoming future regards that Ageless Great Wars. But the main idea of all this, is to add more possible ways to play Ageless than just a compilation of factions from so many eras, the intention of this is also forcing players to force them to suit into different situations and in overall, more diverse factions with certain variations.

First of all, many lv4 and some lv5 defaultish inspired will come from a previous work somewhere else named Reign of the Lords , but many stats will be altered to be much more defaultish (Units in RotL , have quite too much damage but too low HP for their corresponding levels). Another point to mention is that in at least the case of some loyalist units, for some reason shield+sword weaers for some reason change their sword/shield hands in lv5 , which will defenetively not be counted as the same individual/person beause it's an important aspect in an unit (after decades of fight, you will not become right/left handed for just looking better lol)

But talking in short about the previously mentionated Undead variations, more or less these would be the following ideas:

Undead common Recruits
- Skeleton (EE variation that can lv4 in 2 lines / lower XP to lv3 / Optional lv3 Advancement to Doyle that can lv4)
- Skeleton Archer (EE variation, with buffs at lv2 / lv3 and that can up to lv4)
- Ghoul (Can lv3 always / lower XP to lv3 / in Cult of the Pestilence this can go Lv4)
- Vampire Bat (Can lv3 always, to Doom Bat)
- Walking Corpes (Same as we know them / in Cult of Pestilence they can go to Lv2)
- BUFF: Lv3 and Lv4 skeletons will have higher ressistances againist arcane, in all the 3 UD variations.
- BUFF: Deathblade can go Lv3 (and potentially to lv4 / rebalanced by me)

Undead Cult of Dark Arts recruitment
- Dark Adepts (Lich can promote to two different lv4 options / Necromancers can Lv4 to two options)
- Subversive Mages (but can't go Sculptors / only Black Mages patch / altought 11-4 in lv3 instead / Lv3 Shadow Mage unchanged)
- Ghosts (Their two lv2 advancements can go lv4 with rebalanced stats ofc)
- Lich Adepts from ELE Horned Skeletons (Forced to only lv2 to Lich Lord / XP nerfs in comparation to ELE)
- Black Orb from EoMa Tharis / will replace Bats.

Undead Cult of Pestilence
- Lv1 Souless is recruitable too, which can Lv2 and Lv3 unlike the other UD variants that their level cap is Lv1.
- Cadaver from MERCs blight
- Host from MERCS blight
- Infected Hound from MERCS Blight.
- BUFF: Ghouls can go Lv4
- BUFF: Lv2 and Lv3 Souless will have lower arcane weaknesses (-20% in lv2 , 0% in lv3) making them a viable option too.

Undead Cult of Wrath
- Corpse Mage from ELE Horned Skeletons
- Skeletal Creep from ELE Horned Skeletons
- Skeletical Spear Fighter from ELE Horned Skeletons (with both advancements)
- Kind of Lv1 skeleton rider, will later check which one exactly.
- Kind of Lv1 skeleton with leadership , will alter check which one exactly.
- BUFF: Skeleton and Skeleton Archer requiring less XP to lv3 and lv4 than in the other 2 UD variants.
- BUFF: Lv2 Deathblade can up to Lv4 as in any variant, also in Wrath variation can go up to Lv5 !!!

In resume, idea is that Dark Arts have tons of magical, and late game leadership in lv3, owning ghosts that can up lv4 as well fo any DA advancemnet.

Pestilence is more focused in Plague / Poison, while having more normal ressistances Cadaver that are resistant to Impact. Ghouls can become to Lv4, which will be recolored sprite from lv3, with weak ranged that can also poison (Maybe lv4 will have +Regenerates). They haven't tanky ghosts that can be cheesed with HP upgrades, but will have two type of cannon fodders (Walking Coprses & Seeded from Blight)

Wrath is more focused in heavy physical damage, having access to some fire magical attack type. Defaultish skeletons from this variant will level up faster to lv3 and lv4 , reaching faster their potential. Early pressence of Leadership and even of some healing.

And all that is just an example how would be working each sub faction from all Ageless Great Wars. Even , there will be a variation of this that will only contain defaultish factions and Dunefolks , intending an addition to defaultish players in Ageless Era.

Skeleton Buffs
- Lv2 Boone Shooter --- Movement 5 to 6 --- XP from 80 to 65 --- Can also advance to a lv3 Option Bone Marauder
- Lv3 Bane Bow --- Movement from 5 to 6 --- +1 melee damage --- +Aimed (50% marksman) in ranged --- Can Lv4
- Lv2 Revenant and Deathblade will also require lower XP to lv3.
- All Default-like skeletons Lv3 Arcane buff (-50% to -35% --- except for Doyle, which removes fire/impact weakness instead)
- All Default-like skeletons Lv4 Arcane buff (-50% to -20% --- Lv4 Doyle to Lv3 grade buff)

Default Like skeletons are terrible units because that -50% arcane ressitance has no cure with anything in almost any gamemode, making them high risk fighters which in many times, are ruined by the massive arcane weaknesses. Even if lore/logically correct, in gameplay it's just impossible to make them into a viable status just because of the exagerated arcane weaknesses...
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Re: Ageless Era - Current Version: 4.28

Post by IPS »

Hi there, been a real while before news about Ageless Era. This topic is just to mention that Ageless Great Wars is on hold (which means will be for later, somewhen in 2023's) as I will be focusing in other things probably of more interest for everyone.

But what's our concern in this post, is more specifically about Era of Magic , which has been seriously reworked and rebalanced after like 10 months of testing and from most of all my whole attention (as well of ForestDragon & inferno8 himself) , this is of important topic because as when these changes get ported to Ageless 4.29 things in balance will radically change in Ageless Ecosystem (mostly for better) in a time period around early 2023 and aproximately in the release of Battle for wesnoth 1.18.

Will list here almost any important change that Era of Magic have will a day, be ported to Ageless Era, some of them having short explanations. There are some little more changes that did not get highlighted in list, but most important ones are mentioned here.

Some changes mentioned in upcoming future, while others in present, the post is already too long and I will not care about time consistency in an in soon upcoming change, as I preffer detailing more the changes so players can get prepared in what's coming in soon. :whistle:

Features new units, some nerfs on popularly abused units, and rework of the broken +double-attack ...

- Now attacks with +double-attack will force the player to use again attacks with this same special. So you will not be capable any longer to use the weaker double-attack and then use the stronger one the second time.

Lv1 Cyclops
- will cost 1g more.
- will require 4 more XP to lv2

Cyclops Breaker
- Main attack reworked from 7-4 (growing fury 4) to 5-5 (growing fury 3)

Cyclops Noble / Cyclops Lord
- Both units main ranged attack will have +attack-only special
- Both units will additionally have a weaker ranged version (lower damage and lower accuracy) for defense retaliations.
- Cyclops Lord will also have +Drains when the attack is used in offensive, while not in defense.
If you quesiton me, this unit at actual Ageless version is pretty unfair to deal with if playing againist it in Afterlife, specially with the help of XP mod. Another important thing to mention is that for XP mod players, spending XP in XP mod upgrades in lv2 will be cheaper than in lv3 because of the drains attack !! which can help players at maintaining the unit at high HP values if well used, but remember that it will retaliate much weaker in defense now !!

Goblin Raider
- All its ranged attacks +1 damage per strike.

Roc Rider / Roc Master
- Lv1 roc rider will have lower resistance values than actual ageless values
- Both units having -1 movement
- Roc Master having -3 less HP and -1 bow damage.
If you question me, Roc Rider was ridicously strong in Ageless, basically a scout with no limitations of damage, flying, 50% defense everywhere, fairly overpowered.

Troll Sorcerer / Troll Warbanner
- Lv1 troll sorcerer will cost 1g more, and also have -10% arcane res (instead of 0%) as a troll.
- Lv2 troll warbanner will gain +first-strike in melee and +1 ranged strikes (6-3 --> 6-4).
This nerf mostly impairs in PVP matches, which is not a big deal at all. While also warbanner is now less stat efficient.

- Goblin Wizard (Lv2) -- new advancement for goblin shaman. Uses impact ranged magical to disable zone of control of enemies. Extra magical resistant. Cannot heal allies.
- Goblin Invader (Lv3) -- New advancement for lv2 goblin veteran , has stronger piercing attacks and addition of 8-3 torch melee combined of hit-run and skirmisher specials. Additionally have +10% terrain defense on worst terrains (incluiding flat!) . Players going this unit instead of more roc riders will get well rewarded in Orocia and when upgraded in XP mod.
- Orcish Cheftain (Lv3) --- new advancement for lv2 orcish banner, stronger fighter that also can hire lv1 barbarians when standing in village and having golds.

Dark Blood Alliance
Well, this is quite bad for Toad spammers, also will reward much better players considering normal saurian units and better reward for Salamander players.

All Toads in general
- Most of its 50% defense places are now 40% defense (castle & cave still 50%).
- Some of their ressistances got lowered in all levels.
- Lv2 toads will require some few more XP to lv3.
- Lv2 toads gain +3 HP (non melee) and +2 HP for melee toads.
- Lv3 toads gain +5 HP
This nerf will harm severely to toad spammers, toads still have good HP and regeneration, but when over-exposed they will take much more damage. Better consider starting to positionate well other units as Saurian Pikemen or Salamanders for certain defensive positions.

All salamanders in general
- Fire ressistance from -10% to +10%
- Salamanders will now be 60% village defense
- Salamanders will now be 60% defense in cave.
In overall, salamanders are now slightly better, specially with the 60% defense village buff.

Jungle Crossbowman / Saurian Assasin
- Aligment changed from neutral to chaotic.
- Attacks reworked to also be significantly much stronger on night, still being useful in day time (8-3 to 6-4 /// 9-4 to 7-5)
- Saurian Assasin gets +Skilled in ranged instead of +Marksman
- Saurian Assasin slightly more resistant to fire/cold.
This will help Darkblooded to have higher pierce ranged damage specially in night assaults. While poison is still useful in daytime lol.

Suarian Pikemen and advancement
- Aligment changed from chaotic to neutral.
- Jungle Champion slightly less weak againist cold/fire.
- Jungle guardian can also advance to a NEW lv3 unit.
Pikemen are more stable guardians and constant Damage, which is required for dark blooded to not depend on wyvern to have melee damage in day time.

Clan Leader & Advancement
- Better fire/cold/arcane ressistances depending their level.
- +1 damage per strike in their slowing optional attack.
- Lv3 and Lv4 ones can summon undead spirit that can sacrifice to heal alies! (costing a fee of gold)
They're now slightly more bulkier, which somewhat helps at dealing with toad's nerfs.

Corrupted Shaman & Advancement
- Lv2 will now require less XP to lv3 , also has better fire/cold ressistances.
- Lv3/Lv4 has no blade weakness, better fire/cold ressistances, less damage in slowing dammed flame.
- Lv3 and Lv4 ones can summon undead spirit that can sacrifice to DAMAGE enemies! (costing a fee of gold)
You know about gobbo kamikaze? well something very similar, but with more agile undead spirit that when exploding also poison enemies!

Wyverns no longer heat resistant.

- Temple guardian (Lv3) , advancement of lv2 pikeman. They have much better magical res than jungle champion, they hide in villages instead in forest, and can also use a situational arcane melee (With TONS of specials) that will only be usable againist undead and magical race.
- The summoned spirits by lv3/lv4 swamp/forest shamans.

This features buffes on most of their units, but also some nerfs to over-used gates and maras. As well featuring most mount of new units! which help destroyers be a less lineal faction. Portals will additionally add a recall unit when they die.

Dark Portal / Infernal Vortex
- resistance decrease by -10% on all attack types except impact which is increased to +10%
- Dark Portal has now an optional lv3 advancement that can attack in offensive too.
I'm expecting that with the -10% resistance on 5 attack types people STOPs trying to abuse of this unit, specially in Orocia and XP mod, being actually the unit that has most haters in PVP modes in Ageless.

- Depending on level, more ressistances than previosly, lv2 having 3 more HP.
- Lv1 atokpi now can advance to a new lv2 option.
Atokpi is a more useful main fighter for destroyers, specially on higher level, also now have one new lv2 option and two new lv3 options.

Cyclops / Bone giants
- Now require less XP to lv3.
- Lv2 to Lv4 cyclops potentially having 10% better arcane ressistance.
These buffes will help destroyers to diversificate their armies instead of spamming portals, maras & omen.

Cyclops Necromancer
- Ranged damage are now weaker, impairing a significant damage loss going this option instead of the other cyclops.
- Max zombie count per cyclops necromancer decreased from 6 to 4.
- It also has 1 more extra movement.
Damage losses is mainly intended to make a huge damage decrease specially in its cold ranged attack, as having 4 free cannon fodder zombies for free is already a strong advantage by itself.

Nightmares & Advancements
- Lv1 nightmare has +magical only in offensive, in compesation unit costs 1g cheaper and has +1 ranged damage.
- Lv2 mara has +magical in offensive, but +enchanted in defense and 3 more HP.
- Lv3 and Lv4 has more HP but lowered ressistances.
- Lv1 nightmare has an optional lv2 advancement.

Lv1 omen costing 1g more and having -15% impact res instead of -10%

Minor random buffs among certain destroyers units.

- Lv3 Black Portal , less Area of Damage special, same healing than vortex, will heal a bit when something dies next to it, cold 6-3 +skilled +first strike in ranged, weaker melee still both attacks can be used in player's turn. Unit has 6 movement while also having worse movement costs in mountains unlike of vortex. Slightly different ressistances in comparation of vortex.
- Lv2 Atokpi Infantry: swifter version of Atokpi Samurai, using yari. Pierce/blade attacks, 1 more movement, has +skirmisher and deadly 1 ranged strike which is very accurate in offensive and if killing atokpi will ocupate this tile. Unit also has +10% defense in worst places (incluiding flat) but also lower ressistances than Atokpi Samurai. Can reheal a bit after each kill.
- Lv3 Crimsom Atokpi: well rounded fighter that has +skirmisher, gains better resistances and takes less damage in offensive. 80% hit accuracy in a single ranged strike with the features of lv2.
- Lv3 Atokpi Charger: Faster and swifter variation than Crimsom Atokpi. It reheals even more after each kill and it has two weaker strikes in ranged attack, featuring 80% hit chance in ranged.
- Lv2 Harbinger, faster version of Nightmare that unlike Mara, it has no drains in melee, but is more ranged and ranged has plague and secondary impact attack that dissables enemy zone of control. Slight ressistances variation in comparation of Mara.
- Lv3 Doom Call, stronger version of Harbinger. Additionally has an option to Summon lv2 Dark Portals next to it paying 10g more than its normal cost.

Kharos list of changes is very long, will resume as message is getting LONG.

Cleric & advancements
- Better magical ressistances depending of their level.
- New 3 strikes attacks of more damage for lv2 and lv3, increasing their versality (maintaining old attacks).

Calvary Archer advancements
- Lv2 and Lv3 elemental archers will have much better magical ressistance
- Lv2 archer has 3 strikes in slowing instead of 2 (but less dmg)
- Lv2 heavy calvay has less HP, but can advance to lv3.

Shielders advancements
- Lv2 Avenger lost steadfast, but has higher ressistance values and can advance to lv3.
- Lv2 Protector has lower HP and can advance to lv3.
- Both avenger and Protector have weaker ranged.
- Lv1 shielder can also Advance to Kharosian Javalineer which is default's javalineer but weaker , but with chances to lv3.

- No longer has +skirmisher
- Aligment nerf from lawful to neutral, at having always fearless trait.
This unit used to be BROKEN, berserk drain is insanely strong, specially with XP mod.

Sister of Light and advancements
- No longer has +leadership
- requires less XP to lv3 for earlier heals+12
- Inspired +2 HP and +first-strike in both ranged.
Leadership was needed to remove, otherwise nobody going Clerics.

Other minor changes, incluiding new advancements for already existing units. And Lv3 Kharosian Warbanner nerfs

NEW UNIT: Lv3 Kharosian Recruiter
Is obtained from leveling a lv2 brown warrior, picking this unit instead of Platinium Warrior. Has weaker performance than platinium warrior but allows you to recruit Lv1 shielders from your villages when in full movement and having golds to do that.

Some minor changes to already exisitng units, buffs for the underpowered, nerf for the overpowered, simple.

Ballon & all advancements
- Lv1 and all hot balloon advancement gets 10% less impact ressistance
- Lv2 gyrocopter has +first-strike in ranged, better ressistances and requires less XP to lv3.
- Lv2 gyrocopter also has new lv3 advancement appart of mechanical dragon.
- Lv3 balloon nerfs.
- Lv3 Mechanical dragon now has +Marksman in melee.
- Lv3 new unit Battle Copter, faster, cooler & more modern lv2 gyrocopter

Dwarvish warrior
- Minor adjustment to his lv2 , lv3 and lv4.
- New advancement: Dwarvish Cadet which advancest to Dwarvish Soldier.
New unit is 1 movement faster, swifter (less armored) and also has bonus terrain defense/movement costs working similar to default's woodsman.

Mechanic and advancements
- Mechanic and is advancement are now more resistant to impact and in higher level to heat.
- NEW UNITS: technologist & technocrat
Optional advancement that is ranged support, that fires machine gun and grenades that decreases enemy terrain defenses, damage -25% and lose zone of control for a turn. Lv3 also has fire ranged. Higher ressistance to magic but lower to physical than other mechanic patch.

Rune Adept & advancements
- Higher fire ressistance on all levels:
- More cold ranged damage in all levels except lv4
- Melee damage nerfs
- Lighitning having lower accuracy in defense (enchanted)

Dwarvish Tank & advancements
- Fire res from -10% to -15%
- Pacificator has lower ressitances and 3 less HP.
- Lv1 stridding machine can also advance to NEW UNITS: Lv2 Dwarvish Mobile Turret and Lv3 Mobile Defensive Platform.
In resume, more mobile version of Dwarivsh tank with Area of Damage melee, diferent ranged attacks, all attacks being impact damage. More ressistant to magical but less resistant to physical. Different types of Area of damage.

Other minor changes which I will not mention here.

Sky Kingdom
Will look how to short and explain all the lots of changes which potentially boosts their early game AND nerf hydromancer a lot because of being Ageless god unit lol.

Cosmic Eyes & Advancement
- Lower accuracy when defending (melee)
- Lower accuracy in Reality Warp when defending.
- Cosmic Eye -10% impact ressistance.
- Sky Kingdom can recruit lv1 Battle Eyes too.

Battlemage and advancements
- More impact ressistance to melee options
- Lv2 Warrior Mage requires bit less XP to lv3.
- Lv2 Sorcerer and advancement minor buffs.

Subversive mages and advancement
- Pierce weakness removed, higher cold ressistance.
- 1 more movement for free.
- Sculptor's slowing ranged accuracy nerf (precision to magical) , no Movement buff, can advance to stronger lv3.
- Black Mage patch gets movement buff , and Abyss mage can lv4 to Chronomancer which boosts alied troops, debuffes enemy troops and when attacking gets no retaliation from enemies.

Elementalist and advancement.
- Elementalists have minor bonus fire/cold ressistance.
- Most elementalist and advancement have bonus terrain defenses (as 40% in water and sand) as extra additions.
- Lv1 elementalist has now 3-4 +skilled optional pierce ranged attack.
- Aeromancer & air master minor buffs
- Pyromancer & master of fire +1 movement, free movement in sand.
- Master of Fire: -1 ranged strike for 4-10 , and less damage in his one strike attack.
- Hydromancer gets -1 movement, lowered pierce ranged accuracy, losses impact ressistance.
- Master of Water pierce ranged from 3-10 magical to 4-9 enchanted, lowered damage in bubble attack & accuracy in bubble while defending to enchanted. Gets -1 movement.
- NEW ADVANCEMENT: Terramancer & Master of Earth. Hybrid fighter with good ressistances but low HP and mediocre ranged unless in retaliation. Almost as bulky as dwarf in 70% mountains defense, better rought movement costs, impact/pierce melee attacks & two impact ranged attacks.

Hidden Face & advancement & Golems
- ALL: Gets nearly uselesss (out of EoMa) attack special which decreases accuracy from magical melee when attack
- ALL: Lv1/Lv2 golem (-5%) and rest weakness (-10%) impact weakness, sky guardian unnaffected.
- Mystical warrior can promote to NEW UNIT: LV3 Mirror Shield which is a tankier but less offensive version of Sky Guardian, no skirmisher, and can deflect part of magical damage taken.
- Hidden face & advancement: will now gain 2 random traits instead of 1 random trait.

- has 50% village in defense (-10%)
- has -1 strikes in Um barrage attack to 3-11
This only affects in very small maps and in XP mod or Orocia gameplay.

Will be the most resumed, even if their changes list is long.

Summoners and advancement:
- Minor cold/fire res buffs.
- Lowered their ranged damages a bit.
- Minor other changes which are almost irrelevant.

Air elemental to God
- Minor ressistances nerf in blade/pierce and arcane.
- Lowered melee damage values.
- Lowered regeneration values
More fair, but I cannot fix the broken completely, but hope this makes this OP unit be in a more correct place.

Fire elemental to god
- Now slower in moats unless lv3.
- -10% forest / cave defense unless lv3
- Fire god physical ressistance from 30% to 20%

Water elemental to god
- Better cold/impact ressistances.

Earth elemental
- Lower XP to lv3 , minor buffs appart.

Jinni and advancement
- Lv2 and Lv4 scimitar attacks damage reworked to 2 strikes, but with almost half damage and +first-strike
- Lv2 and lv4 Ifreeti -10% less fire resistant.
- Lv3 ifreeti inferno (1 strike) attack nerf and only usable in offensive.

Dimensional Gate
- Cost increased from 11g to 14g to prevent abuses.
- Some less arcane ressistance.

Lastly this one last faction got a lots of buffs in most of its army , while only nerfed their zerkers.

Blade Dancer & advancement
- One less movement (6 to 5)
- 10% less impact ressistance (-10% to -20%)
- Lv2 gets buffs in ranged attack.
- Lv2 gets attack special +magic-counter(offensive) in order to dodge more againist +magical melee.
- Lv2 gets Nocturnal Regen(3)

Some lv2 / lv3 tharis units getting Bloodlust +3 / +4, which heals them than mount after a sucessful kill.
Some lv2 / lv3 tharis units getting nocturnal regeneration(+3 / +4) , which allows them to passively heal on night, and stop poison a turn.

- Lv2 Dark Warlock & Lv2 Grand Witch requires less XP to lv3.
- Lv3 Frost witch buff, more HP, new cold melee as addition.
- Matriarch of emptyness ranged accuracy nerf (from magical to enchanted)

Lv1 tharis witch can advance to Lv2 Pain Mistress & Lv3 Matriarch of Pain.
New units are melee focus, giving tharis valuable melee impact to counter destroyers and dwarf mech. As well of having uses agianist other Ageless units. They're sadist so they will heal +1 everytime their melee hits, in lv3 this +1 healing occurs whenever any allied and enemy living unit alike takes damage next to her. Bulkier than withches, they have 20% fire/cold ressistances which makes them tough againist magical casters.

NEW UNIT: Lv1 Bladefury & Lv2 Chain Lady
New recruitable lv1 unit for tharis unit, she's 9-2 in lv1 and has good ressitance to magical and impact attack types, from which her will take less damage in offensive. Additionally unit has triple-strike and area-of-damage depending their level, which makes her a new Area of Damage infantry. Additionally unit suffers of -10% blade & pierce weakness BUT she's 50% flat defense.

Lv2 and L3 Hydras minor buffs.
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Re: Ageless Era - Current Version: 4.29

Post by Ravana »

Ageless Era 4.29 is out on the 1.16 add-on server

Code: Select all

Version 4.29:
  * Era of Magic update
  * Keep Era of Magic textdomain so that translations may work
  * Silence some warnings
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Re: Ageless Era - Current Version: 4.29

Post by IPS »

Got few news for the upcoming in the nearnest known future release in AE. No exact date is known or guessed, but few new things coming most likely during this year. But will mention:

1.- I'm co-working with Vyncyn in suggesting some balance propossals, which means, some day that will come to Ageless eventually (in overall, less underpowered from Rashy Era side). As well I've realized that Rashy Era had also visual upgrades, which will come too with all this.
2.- in soon I'm going to do a recheck in Era of Magic RPG, for all existing units for this gamemode, this will also come handy in more balanced RPG Ageless games.
3.- Probability to re addition of +un-upgradable(x) for certain EoMa (and additionally implementating it to some of the new units) to make them less hostile to Ageless ecosystem. Base stats will be unchanged in most cases but only being applied as soon as the unit gain extra strikes.

I would also like to see if it's any possible to check EOM (Era of Myths) as long ago I wanted to do some buffs to thereans and some few other units because they're underperforming significantly even in comparation of default era...

Ageless Great Wars era prject is not canceled but still in hold. So this potential release of more lv4 endgame default units (my version of them, sure) (as well of some slight rebalances to suit better in Ageless ecosystem) which is not coming in soon but a day, as well of all planned sub-factions inspired from default units in cooperation of random ageless units.

It's all the news for now, but, in some day, we will get some news about all mentioned in this post.
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Developer of: Empires in 1.12 server, Ageless Era in 1.10 to 1.16 servers (but innactive recently)
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Re: Ageless Era - Current Version: 4.29

Post by IPS »

Sup, just letting know that in an approximate time of 2 months , there will be a significant rebalancing change between some factions, but there is not an exact stimation of when this will occur, appart that there will be more changes than just the mentioned in here which are the ones I'm working right now.

But about most important things to mention in here and that is already safe to say will happen is the following:
- EoMa another reimport/addition to AE ecosystem, and AE EoMa related bug fixes.
- A massive reimport of Rashy Era to wipe and replace the actual AE Rashy Era version, because of massively better balancing and even new units and some new specials.
- Certain Balancing adjustments in all MISC factions (factions tagged as AE instead of a corresponding era).
- Some other changes that will be mentioned in update momment that for now are not existant right now.
Only Yokai is pending, as I've planned to combine Quenoth and Desert Elves in one faction in a later release in 4.31 ... because of too many similarities.

As well, will start working on Ageless Great Wars project (but not expanded default content in AE , just bigger coalitions of units of same race or ideologies in much fewer but bigger factions as how Great Wars used to be in default while it did exist.)

- Readjusted some Drones to be more viable while represent someting more special to use.
- Fixed some underpowered drones, or other that previously were over-nerfed.
- Lv2 and Lv3 repricement fairness
- Minor other things.
- Standarized All units in factions to have 6 base movement (even minotaurs!)
- Minotaurs now having +low-upkeep meaning they will cost only 1g per turn instead of 2.
- Nightmaiden significant buff on HP , still lv2 and lv3 spurt is temporally changed to lv1 as it's not BROKEN and only working on night as intended.
- Lv2 and Lv3 massive HP buffs considering the buf fix that allowed them to be hit-run meta even with their garbage low base HP , few damage increase.
- Lidh and advancement few more ranged damage, few more HP's , +1 movement on lv1 and lv2 , they will regen(2) and on lv3 regen(5) which also can help a bit againist poison...
- Lv2 Elthare some HP buffs, Regen(4) that allows her to heal herself from poison, also can cure alies from poison (cannot heal allied HP's).
- BloodMaiden aspect of the hunter is going to be removed because in few gamemodes the addition of this special causes some unwanted effects in more modded gamemodes... will of consider decreasing a bit their XP just as compensation from all this...
- Tyr'hai rider +1 movement on lv1 , spotted XP bug in trapple attack which I don't know how to fix and it's not upon me if this gets fixed.
- Priestess of the vault +1 movement on lv1 ; now she's meta unit even in lv1.
- Minor pricement and XP adjustments in some cases.
- Few readjustment to higher level flying golems.
- Frost shooter and her lv3 better tankynes, faster to level and lower recruitment price.
- Frost Warrior buff, still quishy but now can correctly work as swordsmen unit type counter and viable high melee damage.
- Frost Heavy Warrior MASSIVE HP buff!! still requires now more XP from lv2 to be obtained.
- Less relevant pricing and minor corrections among other units.
- Lv1 Aminiote (3-2 melee unit) now will have +low-upkeep in lv1 , which means, costs no more upkeep!
- Minor XP and Pricement adjustments nothing too special.

More is coming, but nothing official yet, as I've not determined the changes, but most likely reviewing yokais, few other unerpowered factions such as Archaic's Despair and Fallen overnerfs corrections ... and Lv2 lunaprotector bug fix (not going to rework him in this release, just fix his -17% ressistance to +17% ressitance so he can apply steadfast correctly on lv2...)
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Re: Ageless Era - Current Version: 4.29

Post by Ravana »

Make sure you receive emails about your commits. One of them has to be reverted.

It would be easier to review changes if you didnt create new commit for each unit. Once per faction is enough.
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Re: Ageless Era - Current Version: 4.29

Post by IPS »

Just letting know, this is the whole and complete list of changes that will come in soon to Ageless. Includes over 20 factions, 2 new units (lv2 and lv3 torch version of BEEM explorer puck because missing valuable fire melee skirmisher at higher level :doh: :roll: ) , but mostly XP, higher level pricement and faction performance balance.

Complete balance changelog for 4.30
As additional info, I've planned to continue with the Ageless Great Wars project in real soon! which will be one of most important features in the 4.31 release which I have planned to be posting in June or July. Just few leaks from my head :lol: :lol: :lol:

CONFIRMED FACTIONS that will exist in Ageless Great Wars
1) Lost Souls (Anakes, Despair, Fallen, Phantom) units. Will feature in overall of good mobility, poison/plague inmunity, healing , in overall high physical ressists and even delluminates aura in lv4 , and even a lv5 unit !!
2) Vallhallan Warriors (Merc's Highlanders, Vikings, EFM Whites, Imperial's Marauders) powerful and mighty warriors which will feature superior mobility, some healing, even spirits and among maddest white's storm childs to wreck down your enemies with Odin's fist !!
3) Mystic Convention (Sky Kingdom , Windsongs, Oracles, Eventide? (or not?) ) they outmatch in magic to all other factions and also have magic objects and very unique units to havoc their enemies !!
4) Blood Moon Call (Tharis, RE Dark Elves, EE Dark Elves, Deep Elves) Features all dark elves units (even dead wood!) , late game healing thanks to EE - Enchantress in higher levels, superior mobility and slight ressistances , and plenty of unique specials like knockback and lots of unique tactics!
5) Steampunk Revolution (Ancient Dwarves, Clock Work Dwarves, EE Dwarves machines (only machines & EE thunderers) , steam, vapor, heavy mech, gunpowder it's time to break paradigms !!

(the previosuly mentioned Undead - Cult of Wrath/Pestilence/Dark Arts for defaultish factions) and much much more!! so yeah, at time it get develops it will be a new way to play Ageless in a nearly revolutionary way, while being Ageless union but smaller still it allows chance for RANDOM rolls for fewer but larger factions.

Edit: Update will be later than I've expected, but it will gain much more balance updates as it takes longer, as Issues that are pending to fix are needed to be fixed, which I don't know enough WML to fix them by myself, so I'ma focus just in rebalance adjustments while then. Expect over 30 or even over 40 factions being rebalanced in 4.30 release! much later I will repost with ALL balance changes AND fix typo and grammar errors in changelog posted by me.
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Re: Ageless Era - Current Version: 4.29

Post by IPS »

Been a long trail, but finally reviewed all 77 non EoMa & RE era units as these will be ported appart.

Still did not fix the grammar errors the original files have (or new ones that been made much later) , but literally , no joke, nearly 2000 units been reviewed in a period shorter than 2 weeks.

This changes might change WC II experience significantly because many lots of Lv2 being cheaper (chargers being always much more expensive) and Lv3 being in most cases more expensive than before.

For my surprise, around 80-85% of changes were BUFFs in something (mostly XP buff, adjustment buffs, etc) , 10% were readjustment/changes and only 5% of punishment nerfs. Counting that Rashy Era as soon it get ported lots of things will be buffed at there as well, lots of new units will come (that actually do not exist in ageless).

So in resume, going random rolls and trying new factions will be much more friendly even for casual players.

These changes are coming to Ageless in the next release in short. This might fix more than 4/5 of actual Ageless balance imperfections. To continue at balancing progress would need release and viewing in live how changes goes to polish remaining changes, but will not be as LARGE or DRASTIC as of version 4.30.

Last thing to mention, there is listed a lot of things for 4.31's which I would want to try (Merging EOC - Quenoth with AE - Desert elves) , addition of NEW units in AE - Archaic variants (ones missing in actual AE) , very likely to add another lv2 Feyborn for Yokais, dunno if some rework at Yokai faction ... AE - Steelhive having deficit on Impact attack type requiring new units (I do know where to look for this) as blade/pierce/fire is not enough attack types to balance a faction in certain cases.

Well, that's all for now :mrgreen:

Edit: Part 1/2 of changelog , so download is not needed , still some changes in downloadable attachment is outdated in MERCS era.
(94.04 KiB) Downloaded 11 times
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Developer of: Empires in 1.12 server, Ageless Era in 1.10 to 1.16 servers (but innactive recently)
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Re: Ageless Era - Current Version: 4.29

Post by IPS »

Also, mentioning that I found an issue with MERCS movement costs which lead to even more changes :| .... really , it's common in that era viewing humans requiring to move 3 movement points to move on 1 SAND or CAVE tile, or weird stuff like 30% defense on water :annoyed: ... I guess it's all for now... ^_^

So, readjusted to values that feels logic and fit more correct to factions example blight being GOOD in cave and slightly better in frozen than average faction while being as poor as it used to be in sand.

Part 2/2 of AE balance changes.
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Developer of: Empires in 1.12 server, Ageless Era in 1.10 to 1.16 servers (but innactive recently)
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