Credits crash on Windows 10

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Credits crash on Windows 10

Post by JetScootr »

Looks very similar to description of #7395.

This crash has been seen since at least 1.17.12.

Any time I allow the credits to roll, after they are done Wesnoth crashes with this error message:
Caught general 'St12length_error' exception:

If I comment out the "end_credits" in my campaign, it crashes with "Ran out of memory. Aborted."
I've put together a dummy campaign that can quickly create
the error without having to play through a full mainline campaign.
Haven't uploaded the dummy because it crashes Wesnoth, and I thought that might get me banned if I didn't have specific permission. How else can I post an entire (1 scenario) campaign for demo purposes?

I'm pretty sure it's not my code because clicking the credits button on the main Wesnoth opening display crashes with this very similar error message:
warning draw/manager: exception std::length_error
thrown during expose 0xdf28dfdba0
Caught general 'St12length_error' exception:
Text is too long to render
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Re: Credits crash on Windows 10

Post by Pentarctagon »

Yeah, it's a known issue unfortunately.
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