Wesnoth Climate + Geography (and Geology)

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Re: Wesnoth Climate + Geography (and Geology)

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LienRag wrote: March 15th, 2023, 11:50 am Thanks for this info.

The map for Irdya is a bit poor alas, only two continents and two isles...

If we are going for a full world map, things like geology, ecology and so on should probably be tackled first - so back to one of my first remarks, " the ability of magic to shape climate and nature in a broader sense is something that would need to be established".
I am with the idea an UMC lore (geography, culture, language, history...). Do you suggest something?
Edit: take a look to this example
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Re: Wesnoth Climate + Geography (and Geology)

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hermestrismi wrote: March 15th, 2023, 8:18 pm I am with the idea an UMC lore (geography, culture, language, history...). Do you suggest something?
I don't understand the first phrase ?

What I suggest is to first fix clearly if magic is intrinsic or extrinsic to the way the world works.
I mean, we have from Under The Burning Sun that magic is powerful enough to create a second sun; and we can infer (both from the popular fantasy genre Wesnoth draws from, and from the lore) that magic doesn't respect conservation of mass (and probably not of momentum either).
But a one-off event is different than a world permanently held by magic : do the second sun obey the laws of gravitation ? It's more or less established that the laws of radiation and thermics are working naturally (i.e., the sun heats every object exposed to it in a way that is relative to the square of the distance between them).

What needs to be established is whether nature is magic or not; the relationship between elves and woods is ambiguous on that point.
And if nature is partly magical, what rules of nature still apply in the same way that our world and which do not needs to be established.
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