[UMC] What AMLAs could give you

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[UMC] What AMLAs could give you

Post by Spirit_of_Currents »

Every unit type has one or more AMLA trees. There are two kinds of AMLAs: items and skills.

Your unit can equip any item he or she has unlocked but normally only one per body part. He or she can have several weapons equipped but remember: the more weapons he or she is equipping, the weaker they are on average. You can't switch items from one unit to another. One item type is a mount.

Some skills may be unusable, depending on equipment. A skill could give backstab special to daggers but not to swords. Another skill could increase the unit's defence if he or she hasn't too heavy items currently equipped.

You can temporarily disable some abilities if you like. You can disable illuminates if you have chaotic units. You can disable ambush if you want enemies move towards your unit. You can disable an AMLA that increases damage if you want to injure an enemy but not kill it with the unit.

A unit can unequip/equip items and disable/enable skills only if he or she spends one turn (maybe two) without moving or attacking.
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Re: [UMC] What AMLAs could give you

Post by beetlenaut »

Modern AMLA code allows all sorts of things including mutually exclusive items, trees, and any [effect], so this can be done. There are inventory and skill systems in several UMCs, and changing them so that they are only selectable in an AMLA should be pretty easy. And, since abilities only work under the proper circumstances anyway, making them possible to disable only if the unit hasn't moved would be easy enough.

The hardest part of this would probably be to choose all the possible skills and item trees for every unit available in the add-on.

Nobody is likely to do this for you though, so it will be up to you to find/write the code and add it to the campaign or era you want to. You could make it a mod as well.
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