The Wesnothian Civil War: Every Month

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The Wesnothian Civil War: Every Month

Post by Ashmyr »

I wanted to try my hand at creating a series depicting the Wesnothian Civil War, between Konrad and his allies and Queen Asheviere. However, I'm no animator, and I figured "Every Day" or "Every Week" would be far more challenging.

I had to add some stuff to fluff up the lore, as I assume the liberated areas aren't just sitting around, and Konrad isn't the only one fighting.

Here's some of the maps so far. Let me know what you think!
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Re: The Wesnothian Civil War: Every Month

Post by Computer_Player »

Interesting concept. I have had ideas of a "campaign" style team vs team tourney where wins in a match affect the larger strategic map of the larger war so to speak. So for example, each player will represent army and can move a piece in the strategic map -> coordinating their movements with team mates. When opposing armies meat, the map selected is affected by where the match is happening in the strategic map. Wins/ Losses affect the state of the larger map and borader objectives can change or bring the war closer to a finish.

This would be a large undertaking and I am no where in a state to host such a thing, but its an idea.

Certainly though it would be a interesting setting for a solo-campaign.
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