Epic Music is back for 1.16

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Epic Music is back for 1.16

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Epic Music is back for 1.16.

History: It was uploaded in previous version and is used in my add-on Strange Legacy, but is not a requirement. The older version had some problems with the quality, so I highly improved the quality of the soundtracks, but also reduced the quality to 80% to get under 70 MB with the package.
So far the quality seems good in most parts, there just minor scratches. It's better than before.

Background: This package 'Epic music' is a music / resource pack with 15 songs, which mix rock, techno and classic themes. These 'epic' soundtracks, from different games such as Battle Fantasy III, could be found in the so called Open Bundle. Unfortunately the open bundle is no longer available. However the idea was amazing and you can look up this up here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Cv2SCVoY4g

The composer of this soundtracks is HalcyonicFalconX aka Phyrnna.
Twitter: @Phyrnna

1.1 patch for Wesnoth version 1.16.
This HQ version has increased quality, but result in a way higher size of the tracks.


Acruta Lao Dnor
An Adventure Awaits
Enter the Woods
Following Your Star
Heroes March
Journey to the East
Lost and Forgotten
Raindrops of a Dream
Sisters of Snow Dissent
The Frozen Journey
Those of Us Who Fight
You'll Never Guess This
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