New music tracks proposal

Create music and sound effects for mainline or user-made content.

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Re: New music tracks proposal

Post by sean121 »

Nice work Gabriel. I really liked Rainfall Bell surely it can be used in the wesnoth. In my opinion, also, the Vienna symphonic library is the best. Good job Keep it up.
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Re: New music tracks proposal

Post by Ender24 »

The use of bells in Rainfall and Fantasy Bells adds a whole new flavor to the game's sound, although the question then becomes whether it still feels like the same soundtrack or something completely different.

My favorites are Fantasy Bells and Landscapes. Fantasy Bells is wonderfully magical and mysterious. If feels sorta like the Harry Potter theme without ever sounding like "We didn't have the rights to the Harry Potter theme so have this instead". That's impressive. Landscapes is a seamless fit into the game's existing soundtrack and truly the highlight of the album.
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