AI should know the importance of leader kill

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AI should know the importance of leader kill

Post by 5dPZ »

I had a game on bot created Afterlife today, where AI just behaved crazy -

Enemy leader was an Elvish Ranger

There was once, she has 10hp, on flat with 40% def, with 3 sides open to attack. AI had 6 units that could have attacked the leader but instead all went for other units, ignoring the leader.
Then, when she has 3hp left, AI controlled DA right beside her, but went for a wose kill.

In the end, I lost the game despite there was at least 3 turns where the chance to kill the enemy leader is >80% but the AI just ignored.

I am OK if the AI is not perfect and fail to finish a low-hp unit, but leader should not be ignored like this. The AI should know that killing enemy leader equals victory, this should not be too difficult to code/fix.


It was Afterlife Rated #122 on 1.16. So the you can watch the replay to see the crazy AI.
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Re: AI should know the importance of leader kill

Post by shevegen »

AI is in general a bit weird. Perhaps there should be a separate thread for "AI weirdness" - we can probably add quite a few lists of things that perhaps someone can eventually improve. Your note here in regards to avoiding leader kill is indeed one flaw, but I found allied leader units that suddenly suicide-run e. g. move outside to kill an enemy unit, and then get killed on the next turn even more annoying. I think that part could be fixed quite easily by changing the behaviour of leader units, perhaps just add a few more routines to them and make them in general more defensive and conservative, e. g. if wounded too much, randomly retreat away to a village for healing or so.
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Re: AI should know the importance of leader kill

Post by neoe »

5dPZ wrote: November 6th, 2021, 6:05 am In the end, I lost the game
oh, what a pity. :lol: maybe the AI also know the importance of turn limit :roll:
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Re: AI should know the importance of leader kill

Post by Atreides »

There is a recent addon that alters AI behaviour even for mainline (it's no problem to alter it in a custom era, I've done it) that may work. I've only looked at it a little so far and am not sure how much it lets you control.

Suicidal teleporting leaders are a problem I've dealt with in the Lonely Era, there are parameters that seem to help... a bit. : )
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