[WOU-20220601-1] Project Constitution Change

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[WOU-20220601-1] Project Constitution Change

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Changes to the Battle for Wesnoth Project Constitution


Executive Order


Board of Directors


Constitutional Vote - Article 19
In Favor/Against/Abstentions: 8/1/8


After internal discussion within the Board of Directors and followed by public discussion with the development team, the following changes to the Project's Constitution were proposed:
  • Joining Software in the Public Interest (SPI) rather than the Project maintaining its own legal entity (Wesnoth Inc).
  • Defining the structure of the Board of Directors.
  • Removing two no longer relevant Transitory Provisions.
As per the proposed change, these will only take effect if our application to join SPI as an Associated Project is accepted. Voting took place starting May 10 2022 and ended on May 24 2022.
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