[Constitution] Constitution update for joining Software in the Public Interest

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[Constitution] Constitution update for joining Software in the Public Interest

Post by Pentarctagon »

Something that's been discussed on and off for a while now has been moving Wesnoth to be an associated project under Software in the Public Interest (SPI). The motivations for this move being:
  • The single largest cost for the project is getting our taxes filed, by a large margin. While a flat amount, this has historically ended up being approximately 25%-30% of Wesnoth's revenue, whereas SPI would only take a 5% fee from any donations made through them.
    Note: this is specifically the filing of the taxes, not the amount of tax paid (Wesnoth Inc pays very little of that).
  • SPI is a 501c3 charity, which in part means they have a legal requirement to ensure money spent is done so in a way that is compatible with the charity. For us, this would be a benefit since it would give anyone thinking of donating more confidence that their money will be spent appropriately.
  • Additionally, while more narrow, for anyone in the US, donating to SPI is tax deductible.
The proposed changes to the Constitution are below. These proposed changes will only take effect upon joining SPI, if they accept Wesnoth's application. Wesnoth's application to join SPI will only be submitted when and if these changes are voted on and approved.
Voting will be done in a similar manner as voting for Project Manager:
  • All votes must be sent to one or more members of the current Board (Pentarctagon, Soliton, Elvish_Hunter) via forum private message, and must clearly state either being in favor or not in favor of the proposed changes.
  • Voting will take place over the course of two weeks, starting today (May 10th) and ending on May 24 at 00:00 UTC.
  • This proposal will be considered approved if at least two thirds of those who vote are in favor of the proposed changes.
  • Those eligible to vote on this constitution update, as per the constitution, are as follows:

    Code: Select all

    Celtic Minstrel
    vultraz (Charles Dang)
    octalot (Steve Cotton)
    hrubymar10 (Martin Hrubý)
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Re: [Constitution] Constitution update for joining Software in the Public Interest

Post by Elvish_Hunter »

Speaking as a Board member this time.
If you've got any questions about these changes, feel free to send me a private message (either here or on Discord) and I'll try to answer them.
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