Lua versus WML?

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Lua versus WML?

Post by shevegen »

Does anyone have any experience in "Lua versus WML"? I assume that WML has more generic
and far reaching support than Lua but I would be interested how far one can go via lua. For me it
may be easier to go via lua for my campaign, but my impression is that WML is more widely in
use - but I may be wrong. I really don't know right now, hence why I wanted to ask this question
specifically, e. g. advantages/disadvantages of lua versus WML centric approaches.
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Re: Lua versus WML?

Post by Pentarctagon »

WML is more widely used since it's (usually) simpler to use and easier to start off with. Lua is not as easy to use compared to WML, but it is more concise and allows you to do many more things than WML would.
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Re: Lua versus WML?

Post by Bobit »

My first impression is that Lua has lots of functions that require you to know WML anyways, like this: ... ts.matches

But of course it's a full-featured programming language, if you've used one like C# or Java then you know what to expect, while WML you're not sure what it can do easily.
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