[interface] Bring back some good dropped features from 1.12

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[interface] Bring back some good dropped features from 1.12

Post by Atreides »

They are:

a) When sorting units in the units popup (ALT U) 1.12 sorted them by how much xp was required to level. 1.14+ now unfortunately sort them by raw xp earned which is much less useful.

b) 1.12 had way more zoom levels plus a indicator to show the % of zoom. I suppose it has too many levels admittedly but would it not have been better to add a way to jump 5/10 levels rather than cutting it down to the 10 levels that it currently has?

N.B. a) is the important one. b) is a maybe
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Re: [interface] Bring back some good dropped features from 1.12

Post by JWhite001 »

Hi there, I also want to get a taste of these old features. So it would be great to use those again. Thank you.
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