[WOU-20200627-1] Project Manager

Permanent archive for updates on decisions or reports made by the Battle for Wesnoth Project Council and the Wesnoth, Inc. Board of Directors.

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[WOU-20200627-1] Project Manager

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Informs of the Project Manager Election results and designates the Wesnoth Project Manager


Executive Order


Board of Directors


Constitutional Vote - Transitory Provision II

Constitutional Vote - Article 12

Board Vote - Article 12


Taking into consideration the following:

a) The unanimous approval of the Battle for Wesnoth Project Constitution, published as WOU-20200605-1.
b) The Project's current development version being unequivocally in the alpha stage of development based on current and past development cycle practices in the Project.
c) The unique stipulations codified in Transitory Provision II of the Wesnoth Constitution.

A Project Manager Election process was held by the Wesnoth, Inc. Board of Directors to allow the Battle for Wesnoth Project to elect its first Project Manager through a Constitutional Vote as stipulated by Article 12 of the Constitution.

The results of the Constitutional Vote are as follows:

* Procedure: Voluntary Majority
* Electorate: 20 (Article 12 point b)
* Candidacy Period: June 7 2020 03:46 UTC - June 13 2020 00:00 UTC
* Candidates: Pentarctagon, Vultraz
* Voting Period: June 13 2020 01:06 UTC - June 27 2020 00:00 UTC
* Votes: Pentarctagon (9), Vultraz (3)
* Abstentions: 8

Article 12 requires the Board of Directors to hold a Board Vote to confirm and legitimize the Project's choice. The results of the Board Vote are as follows:

* Procedure: Two-thirds Supermajority
* In Favor/Against/Abstentions: 3/0/0

The Board of Directors hereby recognizes Pentarctagon to be the elected Wesnoth Project Manager, with the full attributions and responsibilities granted to them by the Project Constitution. It is now their responsibility to appoint their Project Council and prepare the Development Roadmap for Wesnoth 1.16 in cooperation with the Development Team. It is also recommended to them to publish any status reports, technical recommendations and executive orders resulting from their administration's decision-making processes through the same WOU format and channel used up to this point by the Board of Directors.
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