Dialog error message on iOS

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Dialog error message on iOS

Post by PlasmaDragoon »

I’ve encountered a error message in legend of the invincibles campaign part 1, where when I kill a unit with Delly I get this error message: failed to show dialog, which doesn’t fit on screen.

It told me when reporting this bug I needed to type this out:

/Users/vic/src/wesnoth/wesnoth_ios/battleforwesnoth/battleforwesnoth/gui/widgets/window.cpp:947 in function ‘layout’ found the following problem: Failed to size window; wanted size 568,363 available size 568,320 screen size 568,320.

I posted this on general forum to realise, it would be better to get help on the iOS technical support.
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Re: Dialog error message on iOS

Post by Elvish_Hunter »

PlasmaDragoon wrote: November 28th, 2019, 9:38 am I posted this on general forum to realise, it would be better to get help on the iOS technical support.
Welcome to the forums :)
Our Community Guidelines (please give them a look, since you're a new member!) don't usually allow cross-posting and duplicated topics. So, the best course of action would've been asking a moderator to move your topic - except I already did before you posted your second message :P
Since this appears to be an issue caused by some custom dialogs used in Loti, I merged your initial topic there: viewtopic.php?f=8&p=649352#p649343. To avoid causing confusion, I'm locking this one; however, it'll be unlocked if the author of LotI determines that this is an engine bug, rather than an add-on bug.
You can send me a PM if you have any further question.

EDIT: unlocked after a user asked me by PM to do so to help answer the question, and also because Dugi determined that the problem might actually be an iOS port issue.
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Re: Dialog error message on iOS

Post by singalen »

Thank you very much for a detailed report!
It looks like you are using iPhone version, which is 1.10 now (unless you are a part of TestFlight testing team).
1.14 (or 1.16, if the release happens) for iPhone is coming out in December, it should be very different. It does have a fix for oversized campaign images on iPhone.
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