Scenario 5: Islands

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Battle for Wesnoth

Scenario 5: Islands

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(1) What difficulty level and version of Wesnoth have you played the scenario on?
(2) How difficult did you find the scenario? (1-10)
(3) What did you think about the dialog and story?
(4) What were the major challenges you faced?
(5) How fun do you think the scenario is? (1-10)
(6) What suggestions do you have to make it more fun?
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Re: Scenario 5: Islands

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(1) Aspirant (Challenging), Wesnoth 1.14.11.
(2) 7 - This is very bloody battle. You can't have too many units and are at terrain disadvantage. Even luring nagas onto the islands doesn't work too much, because 1)they are too small, 2) it disrupts your line and 3) nagas still have better defense than drakes there. You also have no healers and just one village for the main battle, and very little space to retreat wounded units there. One thing that helps is the summer time schedule. Basically you just need to be very aggressive and be prepared to sacrifice even leveled units. My strategy was to kill the SE leader first with all of my troops and then just defending on my starting island and slowly killing all enemies. I think trying to delay the northern enemies with a few spam units wouldn't work, because they would get slaughtered very fast.
(3) It was OK.
(4) The sea serpents. Just when I thought I was starting to overcome the nagas, serpents who deal massive damage and have large number of hitpoints came. I think their number could be decreased (maybe 1 for easy, 2 for medium and 3 for hard) or they could come a few turns later. Also, the turn limit was quite tight, but there's no way to get gold carryover there anyway.
(5) 6. It was not so fun losing valuable units, but lets you experience how aggressive drakes are. The summer time is nice.
(6) I know it's the map from TRoW, but maybe making the starting island a little bigger and adding one or two villages there could help. And maybe something about the serpents as mentioned above.
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