The fate of the Hammer of Thursagan?

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The fate of the Hammer of Thursagan?

Post by dwarftough »

Hi all! Recently I've finished "The Hammer of Thursagan" campaign. I've done it on 1.14.5, I know that the last level is changed in later versions but don't know about the epilogue.

The thing that disappointed me most of all is that the epilogue doesn't tell the fate of the Hammer. Was the Hammer destroyed with Karrag and lost forever? Did the Hammer stay in Kal-Kartha or was it moved to Knalga? All the way I urge to save this hammer and the end gives no word about it. It's kind of unfair
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Re: The fate of the Hammer of Thursagan?

Post by otzenpunk »

Yes, it's like the suitcase in Pulp Fiction, where you also never learn what's inside.^^
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Re: The fate of the Hammer of Thursagan?

Post by Konrad2 »

550 YW
Lord Hamel of Knalga sends an expedition to Kal Kartha to determine the fate of the Hammer of Thursagan (The Hammer of Thursagan takes place in late 550 YW to early 551 YW.).
Dwarves at Knalga and elsewhere begin to reclaim the lost art of runesmithing.
And so I'm assuming that the Hammer was not destroyed. Instead the Loremasters brought back the art of runesmithing, using the Hammer and Thursagans notes.
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